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Mshinskaya, settlement

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MSHINSKAYA, a settlement in Luga District. Population: 1,400. Located at Mshinskaya railway station of the St. Petersburg-Gatchina-Luga branch. The name is related to moss bogs. Around M. are waterlogged and swamp lands of international importance known as “Mshinskaya Swamp System” (area: 75,100 ha, situated in Luga and Gatchina Districts), which include the “Mshinskoye Swamp” federal reserve and “Mshinskoye Swamp North” regional reserve. The system is a tract of peatbogs, a place of mass concentration of waterfowl during their nesting, mew, and migration stopovers. It includes the sources of over 15 brooks and minor rivers, 9 lakes of an area of 40 to 1900 ha (Lake Velye) and over 100 tiny lakes. The forests are mainly coniferous, and to a lesser extent, small-leaved forests of southern taiga type. The settlement has a library. Adjacent to M. is the “Mshinskaya” gardening massif including 65 communities. In summer, the population increases by 150,000 (about 3,000 live in the gardening community all year round.) In 1997, the Orthodox parish of St. John the Divine was registered.

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Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

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