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Murino, settlement

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MURINO, a settlement in Vsevolozhsk District. Population: 5000. Located near the border of St. Petersburg on the bank of the Okhta River, at Devyatkino railway station and Devyatkino underground station. The village has been known since the early 18th c. According to one version, it was founded by peasants relocated from Murom Uyezd of Vladimir Gubernia. In 1749–1917 it belonged to the house of Vorontsov as well as the neighboring villages (the Vorontsovs had lived in Murino until 1804.) In the 19th c. it was a popular dacha place. In 1790, the stone Orthodox church of St. Catherine the Martyr (arch. N. A. Lvov), which was active before 1938, and returned to the believers in 1988. The Maska theatrical concert association is based in M. The memorial “To the Baltic Aviators” was erected in memory of the Grazhdanka military airfield located near M. during WWII. St. Petersburg has a railway station of the same name.

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Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

Lvov, Nikolay Aleksandrovich
The Vorontsovs

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Серебрякова Н.Я., Баранова О.В. Мурино и его окрестности (страницы истории). URL:

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