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Ozyera, group of Veps villages

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OZYERA, a group of Veps villages in Podporozhye District. Located on the banks of the Oyat River and Lake Oyat. Equivalent Veps name: Jarved. Includes the villages of Kuzminskaya, Lukinskaya, Martemianovskaya, Ozhegovskaya (Krysanova Gora.) Population: 275. It is situated within the “Veps Forest” natural park. The settlement is connected by a motor road to Vinnitsi village, Podporozhye Town, and localities of the south of Podporozhye District. The pogost “v Ozerekh” is first mentioned in a scribe roll of the late 15th c. Some monuments of wooden architecture of the 19th c. have survived in O.: “House of honeycake maker Mitr Aksyonov”, a barn, and a church building where the clubhouse has existed since the 1930s. The settlement has a library. A small chapel is constructed in Nikulinskaya village on the trunk of an old fir tree.

S. B. Yegorov

Yegorov, Sergey Borisovich

Aksyonov, Mitr

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