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Pasha, village

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PASHA, a village in Volkhov District. Population: 3805. Before the 1980s, it was called Pashsky Perevoz [Pasha Ferry] after the ferry crossing over the Pasha River. It is connected to the neighboring localities and the district center by a highway and a railroad (Pasha station on the Volkhovstroy-Petrozavodsk line.) The settlement was formed in the Soviet period by integrating several neighboring localities into a local ad., transport, industrial, and agricultural center. In 1927-55 it was the center of district of Leningrad Oblast of the same name. Complete with adjacent localities, the village extends for 10 km. Its layout structure is regular and related to the arrangement along the banks of the Pasha River. The buildings are mostly wooden, of one or two stories. The village has a culture house, library, and children’s library. The church of the Nativity of Christ is active. Near P. there are archeological monuments of the Ladoga mound culture.

S. B. Yegorov

Yegorov, Sergey Borisovich

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