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Singers of runes

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Singers of runes (in Finnish - runonlaulajat) are performers of folk poetic works at the Baltic-Finnic nations (Karelians, Izhora, Votes, Veps), narrators of folk tales (in Finnish runo is a poem, rune). The repertoire of the singers of runes differed from the Karelian folk tradition in smaller number of archaic motifs (there are a few mythological topics, there is less incantation poetry), spreading songs-legends after the Bible subjects, ballads, recruits' songs, anti-serfdom, historical, lyrical songs. There were both the texts of Kalavala metrics and the later rhymed songs. Towards the end of the 19th century the rhymed songs-quatrains (rekilaulu or rontyska/ryontyushka) which were similar Russian "chastushka" became widespread. A performance of runes at the Baltic-Finnic nations could be accompanied with playng the kantele. On the territory of the Leningrad Oblast the most famous singers of runes were Larin Paraske, Ontorpo Melnikov (Izhora by birth) (the Karelian Isthmus), Maria Luukka (West Ingermanlandia). Among Finnish researchers who collected the folk of singers of runes at the nations of the Leningrad Oblast are A.M.Schegren, E.Lennorot, D.Europeus, A.Ahlqvist, A.Borenius-Lahteenkorva, A.Vyaisyanen, E.Setyalya,


Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

Ahlqvist, August Engelbert
Ahlqvist, August Engelbert
Borenius-Lahteenkorva, Aksel August
Europeus, Daniel
Larin, Paraske
Lennorot, Elias
Luukka, Maria
Melnikov, Ontropo
Schegren, Andrey Mikhaylovich
Setyalya, Emil (Eemil) Nestor
Vyaisyanen, Armas Otto

Historical Toponyms/Ingermanlandia (Ingria)
Topographical landmarks/Karelian Isthmus, the
Historical Toponyms/West Ingermanlandia

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