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Sosnovo, settlement

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SOSNOVO (Finnish Rautu before 1948), a settlement in Priozersk District. Population: 6000. Located south of Lake Razdolinskoye (Finnish Leihinkylanjarvi) at Sosnovo railway station of the St. Petersburg-Priozersk branch. The toponym Rautu originates either from the Finnish “rauta” = iron, which was extracted from bog ore in that area; or from a dialect name for grayling fish. In the 15th century it was the center of Rovduzhsky Vasilievsky Pogost of Vodskaya Pyatina of Novgorod Land. In the 1620s, a Lutheran community emerged. The last Lutheran church was built in 1925-26, and blown up by Finnish troops during their retreat in 1939. During the civil war in Finland, in the spring of 1918, Rautu became the site of fierce battles. In 1948, the settlement was successively renamed Lesogorskaya, Nikitino (in memory of Hero of the Soviet Union N. N. Nikitin), and finally Sosnovo, because of its “geographic features.” In the 1940s it was the center of Rautu District, and in 1948s–1960s, of Sosnovo District of Leningrad Oblast. The settlement has a culture house (in the place of the Lutheran church), Yuri German settlement library, and children’s library. In 1994–2000, the wooden church of All Russian Saints was built. S. is a popular dacha recreation place.

A. Y. Chistyakov

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

Nikitin, Nikolay Nikitich

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