Articles / The Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God (Tosno City)

The Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God (Tosno City)

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The Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God (Tosno Town, in the town cemetery). The original wooden church (it was built during 1715-1717; it was the oldest church with the such name in the St. Petersburg Eparchy) was burned in 1734. The stone church with the side-chapel of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker was built in 1735, it was burned in 1817. The church was restored in 1818, a classcism style bell tower was built in 1821. In 1905 the church was rebuilt (the architect A.G. Uspensky). There was an orphanage, alms-house and parish school at the church until 1918. The church was closed according to a resolution of the Leningrad Oblast Executive Committee Presidium of 21 May 1936. It was adapted for the community centre, the church superior archpriest Aleksandr Stepanov was exiled. A chapel of the same name was built in 1936 in a cemetery out of town. During the period of the German occupation the church was repaired and opened in April 1942. In June 1944 the church was adapted as a district community centre and rebuilt. In 1951-1952 under archpriest Vladimir Demichev a wooden church with same name was built on the place of the cemetery chapel. The Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, the Icon of the Holy Trinity, the Icon of St. Nicholas, the Icon of Venerable Macarius of Rome, the mosaic Icon of the Apostle Matthew are the respected objects of worship.

Bertash, Aleksandr Vitalyevich
Shkarovsky, Mikhail Vitalyevich

Afinogen ( Vasily Kuzmich Agapov; he has the name Agapy as a member of the strict monk order)
Demichev, Vladimir Vasilyevich, archpriest
Stepanov, Aleksandr, archpriest
Uspensky, Aleksandr Glebovich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Tosno District/Tosno Town

Шкаровский М.В. Церковь зовет к защите Родины. СПб., 2005., С.301

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