Articles / The Church of Sainted Hierach Nicholas the Wonderworker (Kotly Village, Kingisepp District)

The Church of Sainted Hierach Nicholas the Wonderworker (Kotly Village, Kingisepp District)

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The Church of St Hierach Nicholas the Wonderworker (Kotly Village, the Kingisepp District). In the territory of the Toldozhsky Nikolsky Pogost of Chud's land the original wooden church was built not later then 1499. The church was rebuilt more than once and was built anew on the place of an dilapidated one in different years including 1729, 1774 (it was transported into another place), 1837, 1854. A stone church with a built up bell tower was constructed in the Russian-Byzantine style during 1882-1888 according to the design of the architect I.I. Bulanov nearby the estate of the Albrekhts (see the article: Kotli, an estate). It was consecrated in 1888 by St. Ioann of Kronstadt. In 1910 the church was rebuilt by the architect N.N. Nikonov. The three-part red brick church with a bell tower and narthex was crowned with a massive dome on the low drum. Elements of "uzorochiye" of the 17th century (the method of façade decoration that was typical for the Moscow architecture of the 17th century): kokoshniks (false zakomaras without vaulting), shirinkas (rectangular cavity in the wall bordered with profiled frame), gathering columns were used in the church decoration. The parich owned a church-parish school, three houses and five chapels. The church was closed on 13 May 1938 and adapted for a community centre. During 1941-1943 at the time of the German occupation the church was used as a military object. It was returned to belivers and consecrated in July 1943. When the Soviet troops came in February 1944 the church stopped to work temporarily, because of the community has not been registered (there was not a constant priest). The church began to work again in June 1945, The priest Alexis Aziatsky was the church dean from June 1945 until January 1952. In December 1960 it was closed, the church building was empty for a long time, then it was adapted for a community centre. In 1991 the church was returned to belivers, public worships were begun to perform. In 2006 the restoration works were made, a new iconostas was set, the church was decorated. In the church there is a chest with the Holy Relics of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

Bertash, Aleksandr Vitalyevich
Shkarovsky, Mikhail Vitalyevich

Albrechts, the
Aziatsky, Alekiy Semyonovich
Bulanov, Ivan Iudovich
Ioann of Kronstadt (Ivan Ilyich Sergiyev)
Nikonov, Nikolay Nikitich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Kingisepp District/Kotli Village
Historical Toponyms/Toldozhsky Nikolsky Pogost

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