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Valaam Island

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Gornostayev, Aleksey Maksimovich (1808 - 1862), an architect
Aleksey Maksimovich Gornostayev (1808 - 1862), an architect, a founder of the national line in the Russian arcitecture. In 1834 he was certified at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, then he spent 4 years in the West Europe. In 1838 Gornostayev... more

Karpov, Grigory Ivanovich (1824- 1900), an architect
Grigory Ivanovich Karpov (1824- 1900), an architect. He graduated from the St. Petersburg Building College in 1848. He worked as an architect of the Alexander Nevski Monastery. From 1861 he became the architect of the St. Petersburg Eparchy. G.I.... more

Ladoga Lake
LAKE LADOGA. Located in Leningrad Oblast and the Republic of Karelia. In the Middle Ages, it was called Nevo (Baltic Finnish nevo = “moss marsh.”) The current name originates from the middle Scand. Aldoga (fm the Baltic Finnish Alodejogi = “the... more

Monastery of St.Basil, the
The Monastery of St.Basil (the village of Chernavino, the Volkhov district). The Monastery of St.Basil was founded before 1555, the church was devoted to Saint Basil the Great. In the 1580s the monastery was brought in ruins. According to the... more

Sergy (Stragorodsky) (1867-1944), patriarch, clergy figure
Sergy (Ivan Nikolayevich Stragorodsky; 1867–1944), Patriarch. He graduated from the seminary of Nizhny Novgorod (1886) and the Ecclesiastical Academy in St Petersburg (1890; Doctor of Theology). On 30 January 1890 he was professed as a monk, on 21... more

Shishkin, Ivan Ivanovich (1832 - 1898), an artist
SHISHKIN, Ivan Ivanovich (1832–1898), an artist. He lived in St.Petersburg since 1852 and studied in the Academy of Fine Arts in the period 1856-60, his teacher was S.M. Vorobyev. In the period 1862-65 Shishkin lived in Germany, Switzerland and... more

Underwater archaeology
The Underwater archaeology. The under water ancient human sites, harbours and ports, hydraulic and fortification structures, ships were found on the Leningrad Oblast territory. In the early 20th century fishermen found an ancient boat loaded... more

Vasilyev, Fyodor Aleksandrovich (1850-1873), an artist
VASILYEV, Fyodor Aleksandrovich (1850, GatchinaTown – 1873), artist. In the period 1863-66 he studied at the High School of Painting at the Emperor’s Art Encouragement Society in St.Petersburg, his teacher was I.I. Sishkin. In the summers 1867 and... more