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"Tikhvinets" ("Tikhvin Resident"), a magazine

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Local History Editions
Local History editions, on single districts and towns belonged to the Leningrad Oblast on the present days, began to publish in the end of the 19th century. Originally materials on the history of the oblast were published in "Gubernskiye novosyi"... more

Mordvinov, Isaaky Petrovich (1871-1925), a literary man, scientist
Mordvinov, Isaaky Petrovich (1871, Tikhvin Town -1925, Tikhvin Town), a local historian, literary man, enlightener. From 1885 Mordvinov worked as a volost clerk in the Bolshegorsky volost of the Tikhvin uyezd. V.D. Krenke has the great ... more

Periodical press. Till 1917 the periodical press was not developed good in the St. Petersburg Gubernia. The newspaper "Cankt Peterburgskiye vedomosti" ("The St. Petersburg Bulletin", 1838-1916) and the weekly magazine "Sankt Peterburgsky dukhovny... more

Tikhvin Branch of the Novgorod Society of Antiquities Lovers, the
The Tikhvin Branch of the Novgorod Society of Antiquities Lovers (NOLD). It was found according to the initiative of I.P. Mordvinov in 1913 in Tikhvin Town as the branch of NOLD which worked from 1894 to 1904 and from 1908 to 1929. S.A. Tsvylyev... more

"Veshchy Gamayun" ("Prophetic Gamayun"), a magazine
"Veshchy Gamayun" ("Prophetic Gamayun")(Tikhvin Town), a social,political, literary,artistic,historic and regional oblast magazine. Constitutor is «Editorial Staff-Publishing House of Enterprise “Gamayun”» Ltd. From 1999 to 2002 five issues... more