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Naziya River, the

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Burial grounds of the Izhora people.
Burial grounds of the Izhora people are concentrated in the Izhors tribe land in the Izhora and Neva rivers basin and on the south coast of the Gulf of Finland (see: Izhora). There are the data about 33 soil burial grounds. Excavations were made... more

Memorials to the Great Patriotic War
Memorials to the Great Patriotic War. The idea of creating memorials on the firing lines of the Leningrad defence appeared in the years of World War II. The first temporary monuments on the line of the Leningrad front were builtin 1944-45 after the... more

Naziya, urban settlement
NAZIYA, an urban settlement in Kirovsk District. Population: 5,800. It is situated in the central part of Leningrad Oblast on the banks of the Lava and Kovra rivers. It is connected with a motor road to the St. Petersburg-Novaya Ladoga highway.... more