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Krasnoselskoye, settlement

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KRASNOSELSKOYE (Finnish Kyyrölä before 1948), a settlement in Vyborg District. Population: 1100. Located at Lake Vishnevskoye (Finnish Yksjarvi). The toponym Kyyrölä originates from the last name Kyyrö known from the 16th century. In 1948 the settlement was renamed Krasnoye Selo, and later was called Krasnoselskoye. The settlement has been known since the 16th c.. During the Northern War, Count G. P. Chernyshov who was donated land in the Karelian Peninsula relocated Russian peasants from near Cherepovets to Kyyrölä. The village got a second name, Krasnoye Selo. Before 1939, when the population was evacuated, most of the residents were Russian. From the early 18th century it was the center of an Orthodox parish; the first two churches were wooden (one burned down in 1788, and the other, in 1894.) The stone church of the Purification (1898; arch. V. I. Barankeyev) was heavily damaged in the Soviet-Finnish War and completely destroyed in the 1940s. In the 1990s, a parish was registered. The construction of a church in honor of the icon of Our Lady of Tikhvin is going on.

A. Y. Chistyakov

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

Barenkeyev, Vasily Ivanovich
Chernyshev, Grigory Petrovich, Count

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