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Orekhovo, village

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OREKHOVO (Finnish Raasuli before 1948), a village in Priozersk District. Population: 3. Located on the Priozersk Highway. There is also Orekhovo optional stop (population: 57) on the St. Petersburg-Priozersk railway branch. It was mentioned in Novgorod’s 1539 scribe roll as Raasuli on Prasyolka. The toponym Raasuli (Raassali) is a distorted Russian “rassolschik” or “prasol” (fishmonger or fish dealer.) The village was a part of Rautu (Sosnovo) parish. From 1744 it belonged to Vyborg Gubernia, at the St. Petersburg Gubernia border. It was renamed O. in 1948 probably due to nut-wood growing around. Popular dacha place. In way of O. there are co-operative gardens.

A. Y. Chistyakov

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

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