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Alyabyev, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich (1787 - 1851), a musician

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ALYABYEV, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich (1787–1851), composer. He graduated from University boarding school in Moscow. Alyabyev is an author of about 20 vaudevilles (some of them in co-authorship with A.N. Verstovsky), some operas (“Amalat-Bek”, “Volshebnaya Noch” (“Magic Night”)), opera-ballet, 150 love songs (“Solovey” (“Nightingale”), “Iz Strany, Syrany Dalekoy” (“From a Far Away Country”), “Zimnyaya Doroga” (“Winter Road”), “Vecherny Zvon” (“Evening Church Bells”)), music for symphony and wind instruments orchestras, choirs and many more pieces of music. In 1820s Alyabyev had tight links with literature and theatre circles in St.Petersburg – with A.S. Griboyedov, N.I. Khmelnitsky, A.A. Shakhovsky, I.I. Sosnitsky, etc. Some vaudevilles were staged in St.Petersburg theatres. Alyabyev was the first composer who started to collect and put to music folk music from the Caucasus. He made arrangement for Bashkir, Kirghiz and Turkmen songs. In 1834 he issued the first in Russia collection of Ukrainian folk songs arrangement. In 1820s Alyabyev several times visited A.N. Olenin in his country estate Priyutino. In 1822 he was present at the traditional festivity of V.A. Vsevolozhsky in his country estate Ryabovo.

Kruzhnov, Yuri Nikolayevich

Alyabyev, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
Griboyedov, Aleksandr Sergeyevich
Khmelnitsky, Nikolay Ivanovich
Olenin, Aleksey Nokolayevich
Shakhovsky, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, Count
Sosnitsky, Ivan Ivanovich
Verstovsky, Aleksey Nikolayevich
Vsevolozhsky, Vsevolod Andreyevich

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