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Lodeinoye Pole People Comedy Theatre
LODEYNOYE POLE POPULAR COMEDY THEATRE (1, Uritskogo st., Lodeynoye Pole Town, Amateur and Folk Arts House named after Y.P. Zakharov). It was founded in 1961 on K.V. Piotrovskaya’s initiative. This year the theatre acquired a status “narodny... more

Amateur People Theatres
PUBLIC THEATRES. There are more than 300 theatre companies and studios in the Leningrad Oblast. Public theatres form the basis of the amateur theatres movement – the Leningrad Oblast numbers 53 public theatres (35 drama theatres and 18 puppet... more

""Around the Corner", the Amateur People Theatre
“ZA UGLOM” (“ROUND THE CORNER”), popular theatre (1, 25 October avn.,Gatchina Town). Amateur theatre at Gatchina Town Centre of Social and Cultural Activities was founded in 1930. In 1961 the theatre acquired a status of a popular theatre. In 1989... more

"Bums", Theatre-Stidio
“BUMS”, children’s theatre (5, Lenina str., Slantsy Town, Miners’ Centre of Social and Cultural Activities). It was organized in 1976 on the initiative of Bobyleva L.I., who is a creative director of the theatre. Repertoire of the theatre includes... more

Clubs and studios of the decorative art
APPLIED ARTS GROUPS AND STUDIOS. The Leningrad Oblast amateur and folk arts are mostly represented by activity of applied arts groups and studios. On the one hand their activity is aimed at preservation of applied arts traditions (ethnography... more

"Day of the Leningard Oblast", holiday of the oblast (region)
“DEN LENINGRADSKOY OBLASTY” (“THE DAY OF THE LENINGRAD OBLAST”), the oblast holiday. It is celebrated in the beginning of August (The resolution about the establishment of the Leningrad Oblast was issued by the Soviet Central Executive... more

"Elfs", children variety-music theatre-studio
“EL’FY” (“ELFS”), children’s variety and musical theatre-studio (20, Lenin st., Vyborg Town). It was founded in July 2003 on the Leningrad Oblast Governor’s order on the base of aesthetic education classes at town comprehensive school N 8. Students... more

"Entrée", a theatre
“ANTRE” (“ENTREZ”), drama theatre (10, Lenina av., Lodeynoye Pole Town). It was founded in 1995 on the base of theatre department at Lodeynoye Pole Town Centre of Children’s Aesthetic Development (CCAD). Founder and creative director is A.A.... more

Festival of Puppet Theatres of the Leningard Oblast
FESTIVAL OF THE LENINGRAD OBLAST PUPPET THEATRES. It has been held in the Leningrad Oblast since 1991. In the last years it got the name “Kukol’ny Dom” (“A Doll’s House”). The festival is held once in two years, its program includes puppet shows of... more

Festival of the Karelia art
FESTIVAL OF KARELIAN ART. It was held in Priozersk Town in June 1999. The founders are: the Leningrad Oblast Government Culture Committee, the Culture Committee under Municipal Institution “Priozersky Raion” (“Priozersk District”). On the... more

Folk art
AMATEUR AND FOLK ARTS. There are about 50 Amateur and Folk Arts Centres in the Leningrad Oblast, including Amateur Talent Centres (theatrical, musical and ethnographical amateur groups), Arts and Crafts Centres. About 2600 amateur and folk arts... more

"Heather", Russian folk centre
“VERESK” (“HEATHER”), Russian Folk Centre (16 ,Sovetskaya st., Vyborg Town). It was founded in 1999 on the base of the same name folk group (organized in 1982). Since the day of foundation creative director has been Y.S. Liubitskaya. The main... more

"North Pattern", the Song and Dancing Ensemble
“SEVERNYE UZORY” (“NORTHERN PATTERNS”), folk song and dance company (1, Uritsky av., Lodeynoye Pole Town). It was founded in 1970. From 1980 a creative director is Y.P. Zakharov. The repertoire of the company includes Russian folk songs, round... more

"The Rusian Yard", an oblast folk art festival
“RUSSKIY DVOR” (“RUSSIAN COURTYARD”), oblast festival of amateur and folk art. It has been held once in two years in Pikalevo Town since 1997. It is held on the Day of Metallurgist, which takes place in the middle of July. Founders – the Culture... more

"The Theatre spring", an oblast festival
“TEATRALNAYA VESNA” (“THEATRE SPRING”), oblast festival. It is held once in two years. The first festival of the Leningrad Oblast amateur theatre performances was held in Luga Town in May 1980. There were four theatres-participants: from Luga... more

Uhannus, a festival
UHANNUS, festivity. This festivity is well known among the Finns from pre-Christian times, it was celebrated on the day of Summer Solstice (the Day of Ivan – Finnish Uhannus). The Luthran church celebrates Uhannus on June 24th (public street... more

"Wreath of Plussa", an oblast folk art festival
“PLIUSSKY VENOK” (“PLIUSSA GARLAND”), oblast festival of amateur and folk art. It was organized in 1999 in Slantsi Town, it is held annually, as a rule, in the summer. Founders – the Leningrad Oblast Government Culture Committee, the Leningrad... more