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Lopets, a country estate

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Lopets, a country estate in the Volosovo District. Lopets Village located at the junction of rivers the Gorodenka and the Lubenka was granted by Paul I to Court Counsellor Karl Ilmer. A wooden manor-house and a mill were built. In 1882 the estate of the total area 14 dessiatinas was bought by the academician of architecture B.B. Geidenreikh. About 30 constructions were built according to his projects. In the centre of the estate there was a wooden manor-house on the stone cellars and the yard with a pond , that was surrounded with houses for workers and dwelling wings. The vast service zone with three fold-yards, dairies and ice-houses, stables, poultry-yard, barn and threshing barns were built to the south from the master's part of the estate. Trout was breeded in the River Gorodenka. The estate had the economy importance and brought in the fixed income. From 1898 the estate passed to another owner, but Geidenreikh's agricultural enterprises continued to bring in the revenue. On present days the estate park is hardly passable, frames of some buildings and brick vaults of the manor-house cellar are survived.

Piryutko, Yuri Minayevich

Heidenreich, Boguslav Boguclavovich
Ilmer, Karl
Paul I, Emperor

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