Articles / "September in Tikhvin Town", an International Jazz Festival

"September in Tikhvin Town", an International Jazz Festival

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“SENTYABR IN TIKHVIN” (“SEPTEMBER IN TIKHVIN TOWN”), international jazz festival. It takes place in Tikhvin Town since 2000. The aim of the festival is to broaden connections between musicians from different countries, to educate young people using the best samples of the world jazz classic, to increase the level of education in schools of arts and musical schools. In different years the participants of the festival were well-known jazzmen and jazz bands from Russia and abroad, including musicians from Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Great Britain and other countries. A regular presenter is musical expert and jazz theorist V.B. Feiertag. One of the festival initiators was Tikhvin Town jazz quartet (founded in 1994, leader I.V. Volodin), which several times represented Tikhvin Town at the festivals in France, Germany, Finland. Among the festival organizers is Tikhvin Town Arts School named after N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov.

Malysheva, Valentina Ivanovna

Feyertag, Vladimir Borisovich
Volodin, Igor Vladimirovich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Tikhvin District/Tikhvin Town

Котова Е.Ю. «Сентябрь в Тихвине» // Информационный сборник ЛОУМЦК и И, 2002, № 10, 17
Под звуки джаза // Область культуры, 2004, № 9, 60-61

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Tikhvin Children Art School named after N.A. Rimsky - Korsakov

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