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Bely, Andrey (Boris Nikolayevich Bugayev; 1880-1934), a literary man

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Bely, Andrey (the real name and surname was Boris Nikolayevich Bugayev; 1880-1934), a poet. Andrey Bely studied at the physico-mathematical faculty of the Moscow University during 1889-1903). His first works were published in 1902. Bely is the author of poem books: "Zoloto v lazuri" (“Gold in Azure”, 1904), "Pepel" (“Ashes”, 1909), "Urna" ("Urn", 1909), Korolevna I rytsari" ("King's Daughter and Knights", 1919), "Posle razluki" ("After the Separation", 1922); novels "Srrebryany Golub" ("The Silver Dove", 1909), "Peterburg" ("Petersburg", 1913-1914), "Kotik Letayev" ("Kotik Letaev", 1917-1918), "Kreshcheny kitayets" ("A Christened Chinese", 1921), "Moskva" ("Moscow", 1926); memoirs "Na rubezhe dvukh stolety" ("At the Boundary of Centuries", 1930), "Nachalo veka" ("The Beginning of the Century", 1933), "Mezhdu dvukh revolyutsiy" ("Between Two Revolyutions", 1934); literary-philosophical studies. In august 1908 A. Bely lived in Kobrino village at N.A. Berger's country house at the Merezhkovskys (now It is Pribytkovo settlement, 4 Rechnaya Street). The poems "Polya" ("Fields"), "Iz okna vagona" ("From a Carriage's Window"), "Predchustviye" ("Premonition"), "Starinny dom" ("The Ancient House") were wrote there. A. Bely was buried at the Novodevichye Cemetery in Moscow.

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

Bely, Andrey (the real name was Boris Nikolayevich)
Berger, N.A.
Berger, N.A.

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