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Syrets, a country estate

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Syrets (Bolshoy Syrets), a country estate in the Luga District. The village of Maly Syrets was owned to N.E. Muravyev from the middle of the 18th century. Under his son N.N. Muravyev, a founder of the Moscow Society of mathematicians and a school of commanders of march columns, in 1802-1806 villages of Bolshoy and Maly Syrets were consolidated into one estate. From 1839 his son Count M.N. Muravyev, an outstanding state figure, became the owner of estate. He spent every summer in Syrets estate and after retiring in 1865 he settled there constantly. Under him the estate was completely rebuilt: a vast wooden manor-house, a house for guests, bathhouses, coachman house, barn and stone service constructions: a distillery, mill, stables, cattle-yard and others were built, a fruit garden was laid out. A school and the Church of the Archangel Michael (1866, the architect A.I. Rezanov; the church was burned in 1994). A landscape park was located on the slope to the lake. S.S. Sheremetyev, a son-in-law of Muravyev, continued to equipped the estate with modern amenities, the fruit garden was enlarged up to 8 hecteres. In 1909-1910 the Sheremetyevs built a doctor's surgery and hospital in the estate. The Local Committee of the Red Cross Society worked at the hospital. Some constructions and the fruit garden are survived till present days.

Piryutko, Yuri Minayevich

Muravyev, Mikhail Nikolayevich, Count
Muravyev, Nikolay Nikolayevich
Muravyev, Nikolay Yerofeyevich
Rezanov, Aleksandr Ivanovich
Sheremetev, Sergey Sergeyevich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Luga District
Historical Toponyms/Maly Syrets, Village

Мурашова Н.В., Мыслина Л.П. Дворянские усадьбы Санкт-Петербургской губернии. Лужский район. СПб., 2001., 203-213

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The Church of Archangel Michael (Syrets Village, Luga District)

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