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"Khight Castle", a military- historical festival

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“RYTSARSKY ZAMOK” (“KNIGHT’S CASTLE”), military and historical festival. It has been annually held in the middle of the summer since 1996. Dedicated to the anniversary of the Neva River battle (1240). Organizers – State museum “Vyborgsky Zamok” (“Vyborg Castle”) and St.Petersburg military and historical club “Knyazheskaya Druzhina” (“Prince’s Armed Force”). Vyborg Castle is the only existing knight’s castle in Russia, it is a member of Baltic Castles Association, its ancient walls are the necessary historical background for the festival. Usually activities last for 3 days. There are no age limits but those who take part in the battle must be at least 18. Activities start from formation and inspection of knights’ detachments which later take part in the general battle (bugurt). Then foot tournaments, archery competitions, contests for the best historical costume and armour are held. Medieval masters’ fare takes place – workshops for production of weapons and armour, footwear and pottery. Program also includes a concert of medieval music and dances, performances of folk groups. The last day a final dramatized “battle” is held. The festival is finished with ceremonial march of participants along the streets and squares of Vyborg Town. Members of military and historical clubs from Russia, Baltic countries and Finland take part in the festival. The festival framework includes theoretical and practical seminar dedicated to the problems of historical reconstruction.

Abdullina, Svetlana Aleksandrovna

Neighbouring Territories/Finland
Leningrad Oblast, the/Vyborg District/Vyborg Town

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