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Nurma children art school

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NURMA ARTS SCHOOL (Nurma Village, Tosno District). It was founded in 1987, a founder is – Municipal Establishment “Tosnenskiy Raion” (“Tosno District”) administration. The school has several departments: classical (piano, violin, flute, accordion, domra, xylophone, guitar), variety and jazz (percussion, electric guitar, bass guitar, saxophone, jazz piano, jazz singing) and folk departments. Students and teachers of the school are regular participants and prize-winners of different festivals and contests in St.Petersburg and Moscow and also abroad – in Finland (choir “Aistenok - 2004” (“Little Stork”)), in Czech Republic (“Autumn in Prague-2005”). In 1997 the school organized an international children’s contest “Jazz-Parnassus” (held in St.Petersburg once in two years). The School initiated festivals and contests “Kolybel’ Virtuoza” (“Virtuoso’s Cradle”) (for the piano), “Yuny Akkompaniator” (“Young Accompanist”), “Stary Novy God” (“Old New Year”) (for choirs), “Krasnaya Gorka” (“Red Hill”) (folk), “Vitse Premier” (“Vice Premier”).

Osipov, Oleg Vasilyevich

Neighbouring Territories/Finland
Leningrad Oblast, the/Tosno District/Nurma Village

Регламент IV конкурса юных исполнителей «Джаз-Парнас» // Информационный сборник ЛОУМЦКиИ. 2001. №11., 10-13
Розина И.В. V Международный детский фестиваль-конкурс «Джас-Парнас» // Область культуры. 2003. № 5. С.30-32, 30-32

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"Jazz-Parnas", a children competition

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