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Bazaine, Pyotr Petrovich (1786 - 1838), an architect, scientist, teacher

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Bazaine, Pyotr Petrovich (1786 - 1838), an engineer-builder, mechanic, mathematician, teacher, Corresponding Member (18170, honorary member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1827), Lieutenant-General (1830). He was of France origin. From 1810 Bazaine served in Russia. During 1815-1820 he was a professor of the Railway Engineer Corps Institute and during 1824-1834 he was the director of it. From 1816 he was a member of the Building and Hydraulic Works Committee and in 1824 he became the Chief of the Committee. Bazaine was the author of about 30 projects of bridges, embankments, slipways, harbours, roads and other subjects in St. Petersburg and suburbs. In 1824-1827 Bazaine designed the project of the flood control in St. Petersburg using a dam in the Gulf of Finland (the project was not realized. He was the author of works on mathematics, transport, building. He designed the projects of: the Shlisselburg sluices of the Ladoga Canal (including the four-chamber sluice at the old canal bed outlet into the River Neva), the granite embankment of the open pool, the Petrovsky Bridge "on columns" (see the article: "The Ladoga Canals"), the building of Gostiny Dvor ("Merchant's Yard") in Shlisselburg Town and headed the construction of them.

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