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Viollier, Henry-Francois-Gabriel (Frants -Gavriil, 1750 -1829), an artist, architect

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Viollier, Henry-Francois-Gabriel (Frants -Gavriil, 1750 -1829), an artist, architect. Viollier was of Swiss origin. He was in Russia from 1776. Till 1791 he served at the "Small court" of Grand Duke Paul Petrovich. Henry-Francois-Gabriel Viollier was a miniature-painter, park builder, expert of interiors and small architectural forms. He designed Sobstvenny (Own) garden in Pavlovsk (the 1780s; it was made jointly with the gardener A.K. Vizler). Viollier participated in designing the project of the Mikhailovsky (Engineer's) Castle. During the reign of Paul I Viollier served as inspector of the print and miniature department at the Emperor Winter Palace. He was buried in the Volkovskoye Lutheran cemetery in St. Petersburg. Viollier jointly with the architect V. Brenna built the pavilion "Birch House" in the Palace park of Gatchina Town (it was renewed accordin to A.A. kedrinsky's project in 1975).

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

Brenna, Vikenty (Vincenzo) Frantsevich
Kedrinsky, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
Paul I, Emperor
Violie, Francois-Heinrich
Vizler, A.K.

Leningrad Oblast, the/Gatchina District/Gatchina Town

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