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The Writers' Union of the Leningrad Oblast

Subject / Literature. Mass Media.

The Writers' Union of the Leningrad Oblast and St. Petersburg. It is non-commercial partnership for supporting the literary work. The Union was founded by a group of writers living in the Leningrad Oblast and suburbs of St. Petersburg on April 23, 2000. G.I. Karimov was the first president (till Aprill 2006). On the present days the Union united more then 200 poets and prosaists. There are sections of prose, poetry, artistic translation, club of a yuong writer, children's creative association. The Union members readings and new books presentations, literary concerts and others are organized by the Union staff. Originally the Writers' Union events were held at the Centre of Culture, Cinema and Leisure "Pavlovsk", then at the children's library in Pavlovsk town. The Writers' Union published literary anthologies "Leningradskaya myza" ("The Leningrad Bountry House", 2000) and "Splocheniye" ("The Unity", 2001), the literary newspaper "Zvezda poley" ("The Star of Fields", 2001-2002; 6 issues), the magazine for beginner-authors "Grafo" (2004-2005; 5 issues). The Union made attempts to revived the magazine "Otechestvenniye zapiski" ("The Notes of the Fatherland") as the oblast literary magazine (in 2002 one issue was published). The Writers' Union has given organizational and technical support for publishing more then 100 books of the oblast writers. The Union works with creative associations in towns of the Leningrad Oblast, organizes different events jointly with the associations, hold the out meetings. The Writers' Union membership is opened, so the oblast authors, who are members of the Russia Writers' Union Leningrad Oblast Department, St. Petersburg Writers' Union and other St. Petersburg creative writers associations participated in the work of Writers' Union of the Leningrad Oblast.

Ansberg, Olga Nikolayevna

Karimov, G.I.

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