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Leningrad Oblast Children Library, the
THE LENINGRAD OBLAST CHILDREN LIBRARY (LODB) (32 Morisa Toreza Prospekt, St Petersburg). It was open in 1968 as a methodological centre on library services for children in the libraries of the Leningrad Oblast. It has the biggest in the Leningrad... more

Leningrad Oblast coat of arms and flag, the
The Leningrad Oblast's coat of arms and flag are official approved with the Oblast’s law of the Leningrad Oblast “O flage i gerbe Leningradskoy oblasti” (About the Flag and Coat of Arms of the Leningrad Oblast) of 31 December 1998, No. 74-oz. The... more

Leningrad Oblast TV company (LOT), the
Leningrad Oblast TV company (LOT)), joint -stock company,(Saint Petersburg., 1-ya Nikitinskaya Street, 6а).Was founded in 1994 in order to cover political, economic,social and cultural life of Leningrad Oblast and North-West Region. It... more

Leningrad Oblast Universal Research Library, the
THE LENINGRAD OBLAST UNIVERSAL SCIENCE LIBRARY (LOUSL) (19 Kirillovskaya Street, St Petersburg). The library was founded in 1944 with the aim to restore, after the end of the Great Patriotic War, the library network and book funds of the... more

Leningrad Oblast, the
LENINGRAD OBLAST, subject territory of RF. Area: 83,900 sq. Km (max. Extension from west to east: 446 km, north to south: 325 km.) Population (as of 2002): 1,669,000. The Oblast borders Pskov and Novgorod Oblasts in the south, Vologda Oblast in the... more

Leningrad Society of the Local Region Study, the
The Leningrad Society of the Local Region Study (LOIMK), a local history study public organization. It was founded in the early 1920s. In 1922 LOIMK together with the Moscow Society of the Local History Study were included in the Central Agency of... more

Leninskoye, settlement
LENINSKOYE (Finnish Haapala before 1947), a settlement in Vyborg District. Population: 1800. Located on the bank of the Sestra River. The toponym Haapala originates from Haapanen, the name of the settlers who appeared in that area before the 17th... more

Lenizdat (the Leningrad Publishing House)
Lenizdat (the Leningrad Publishing House). The Publishing House is founded in November 1917 as the publishing house of the Petrograd Soviet, from 1919 it was called Petrogosizdat (Petrograd State Publishing House), from 1924 it was called Lengiz... more

Leonova, Darya Mikhaylovna ( 1829-1896), an actress
LEONOVA, Darya Mikhaylovna (1829, from other sources 1834 – 1896), opera and drama actress, chamber singer, teacher. Since 1849 she studied at St.Petersburg Theatre School. Since 1850 she performed as a singer and a drama actress at Aleksandrinsky... more

Leskov, Nikolay Semyonovich (1831-1895), a literary man
Leskov, Nikolay Semyonovich (1831-1895), a writer. Leskov learned at the Oryol High School during 1841-1846 (he did not graduate the school). During 1847-1857 Leskov worked at the Oryol Chamber of the Criminal Court and at the Kiev State Chamber.... more

Lesogorsk House of Culture

Lesogorsky Settlement Rural Library, the

Lesogorsky, urban settlement
LESOGORSKY (Jaski before 1948, also Jaaski and Jaskis; Finnish Jääski), an urban settlement in Vyborg District. Population: 3,000. It is situated on the left bank of the Vuoksa River at the Kamennogorsk-Imatra railway branch. The name supposedly... more

"Letter to the Future", obelisk

Leykin, Nikolay Aleksandrovich (1831-1906), a literary man
Leykin, Nikolay Aleksandrovich (1831-1906), a literary man, journalist. During 1853-1858 N.A. Leykin learned in the German Reformer College in St. Petersburg. Leykin worked as a professional literary man from the early 1860s, he worked in magazines... more

LIBRARIES The oldest libraries in the locations now component of the Leningrad oblast belonged to monasteries and churches. Under Peter I book collecting also become the occupation of individual, particularly top officials. For instance, private... more

"Light Your Hearts", holiday

Lindgren, Armas Eliel (1874 - !929), an architect
Lindgren, Armas Eliel (1874 - 1929), an architect. In 1897 Lindgren graduated from the Politechnic Institute in Helsingfors (Helsinki; now it is the University of Technology). During 1898-1899 he worked on probation in countries of Europe. From 1896... more

Linevsky, Aleksandr Mikhailovich (1902-1985), a scientist
Linevsky, Aleksandr Mikhailovich (1902-1985), a writer, archaeologist and ethnographer. Linevsky was born in St. Petersburg, studied at the College of Jurisprudence (1912-1918) and at the Petrograd/Leningrad Iniversity (1923-1928). In 1929 he... more

Lintula, a country estate

"Lintulovskaya grove", a reserve
“Lindulovaya roscha” (The Lintulovskaya Grove) is a state natural botanical reserve. It is located in the territory of the Vyborg district and occupies the area of 986 hectares. It was founded with the decision of the Leningrad Region Executive... more

Lintulsky Convent of the Holy Trinity
The Lintula Convent of the Holy Trinity (the settlement of Ogonki, the Vyborg distrikt). It was the first convent in Finland. The convent was founded by the privy Councillor F.P. Neronov in 1894 in the estate Lintula bought for this aim. The wooden... more

Lisino- Korpusny House of Culture

Lisino-Korpus Rural Library, the

Lisino-Korpus, a country estate

Lisino-Korpus, settlement
LISINO-KORPUS, a settlement in Tosno District. Population: 1100. Located 2 km away from Lustovka railway station of the Fornosovo-Tyosovo-Netylsky branch on a highway connecting Tosno Town and Vyritsa urban settlement. The name is related to the... more

"Lisinsky", a reserve
The "Lisinsky" reserve is a state natural complex reserve. It is located in the territory of the Tosno District and its area is 28,4 thousand hectares. The forestry was founded in the late 18 century. The study with the pupils of the Tsarskoe Selo... more

Listvenka, village
LISTVENKA, a village in Boksitogorsk District. Population: 34. Located on the right bank of the Kolp River. It is on the Olyeshi-Somino motor road having access to the Novaya Ladoga-Yaroslavl route. The village has a street-type planning. Several... more

"Lisy Moss", a marsh tract

"Literature and the cinema", a film festival
“LITERATURE AND CINEMA”, film festival. It was established in 1995 as a festival of screen versions. It is held in Gatchina Town, in 2006 XII festival took place. Promoters: Federal Agency for Culture and Filmmaking, the Leningrad Oblast... more

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