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"Place for the Meeting Is Adersen City", children holiday

"Play the Concertina", festival

Pleshcheyev, Aleksey Nikolayevich (1825-1893), a writer
Pleshcheyev, Aleksey Nikolayevich (1825-1893), a writer. He attended the Military School of Life Guard Warrant Officers and Cavalry Cadets from 1849 till 1842 and the History and Philological Faculty of the St. Petersburg University during... more

Plotnikov, Mikhail Mikhaylovich (1901 - 1992), an architect
Mikhail Mikhaylovich Plotnikov (1901 - 1992), an architect - restorer, the State Prize winner (1972). M.M. Plotnikov graduated from the I.Ye. Perin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in 1943. He participated in post- war restoration... more

Plyussa River, the
PLYUSSA, river. Flows in Pskov Oblast and in Slantsi District of Leningrad Oblast. Length: 281 (according to other data, 295) km. Catchment area: 6,500 sq. km. Flow rate: 50 cu. m/s. It flows out of Lake Zaplyusye (Zaimosskoye) and into the Narva... more

"Pobeda kresta" ("The Victory of Cross"), a magazine

Pobeda, settlement
POBEDA (Finnish Kanneljarvi before 1948), a settlement in Vyborg District. Population: 1900. Located on the shore of Lake Pobednoye (former Kanneljarvi, from the name of the musical instrument kantele, which the lake resembles in its shape.) Located... more

Podborovsky House of Culture

Podborovye Rural Library, the

Podborovye, settlement
PODBOROVYE, a settlement in Boksitogorsk District. Population: 767 (as of Jan. 1, 2002.) Located in the interfluve of the Oblomna and Lid Rivers, at the junction station of the October Railroad, and connected with a motor road to the Novaya... more

Podporozgye Museum of the Local Lore and History,
The Podporozgye Museum of the Local Lore and History, a branch of "The Museum Agency" (Podporozhye Town, 1 Isakov Street). "The Spot of the Svir River Region History" was established on the basis of the local lore and history club of the Community... more

Podporozhskaya children art school

Podporozhskaya children arts school

Podporozhsky Youth Theatre

Podporozhye Central Library, the
THE PODPOROZHYE CENTRAL LIBRARY (9 Lenin Prospekt, Podporozhye Town). The library was founded in 1944. In 1977 in the process of integration of the district libraries into a centralized library network it was given the status of central district... more

Podporozhye District
PODPOROZHYE DISTRICT, municipal entity. Population: 35,200. Area: 7705.5 sq. km. Located in the north-east of Leningrad Oblast. In the north-west and north, it borders Olonets, Pryazha, and Prionezhsky Districts of the Republic of Karelia; in the... more

Podporozhye District coat of arms and flag, the
The Podporozhye District's coat of arms and flag are approved officially with the decision of the Representative Assembly of the Municipal Union “Podporozhskiy rayon” (The Podporozhye District) of 21 April 2004, No. 152 and No. 153. The heraldic... more

Podporozhye House of Culture

Podporozhye, town
PODPOROZHYE, town, adm. center of Podporozhye District. It is situated 285 km (280 km by railway) north-east of St. Petersburg, on the Svir River. Population: 20,300. The town’s name is related to the rapids on the Svir. The Lodeynoye Pole-Vytegra... more

POGOSTS, a term widely used in the 10th – 18th centuries to designate territorial divisions and settlements; its meaning changed with time. P. was the term for the centers of rural communities that paid tribute to the Prince; place of tribute ... more

Polenov, Vasily Dmitriyevich (1844 - 1927), an artist
POLENOV, Vasily Dmitriyevich (1844-1927), artist, architect, composer. In the period 1863-71 he studied simultaneously at the Imperial Academy of Arts and at the Law Department of St.Petersburg University. He took private lessons in painting from ... more

Polonsky, Yakov Petrovich (1819-1898), a writer
Polonsky, Yakov Petrovich (1819-1898), a writer, Corresponding Member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1886). Polonsky graduated from the Moscow University Faculty of Law in 1844. He served in Odessa and Tiflis at Governor-General M.S.... more

Polyani Rural Library, the

Polyani, settlement
POLYANI (Finnish Uusikirkko = “new church” before 1947), a settlement in Vyborg District. Population: 1500. Located on the shore of Lake Polyanskoye (former Kirkkojarvi.) It is also known as Kirkonkyla = “church village” and Kirkkojarvi = “church... more

Pomeranyevskaya post station

Pomyalovsky, Nikolay Gerasimovich (1835-1863), a writer
Pomyalovsky, Nikolay Gerasimovich (1835-1863), a writer. Pomyalovsky attended the Alexander Nevski Religious School during 1843-1851 and the St. Petersburg Theological Seminary during 1851-1857, lectures at the St. Petersburg Universite. From 1860... more

Popov, Aleksandr Ivanovich (1899-1973), a scientist
Popov, Aleksandr Ivanovich (1899-1973), a mathematician, philologist, expert in toponymy, philosopher. A.I. Popov became a candidate of physico-mathematical science in 1938, Doctor of History in 1947, professor in 1949, Corresponding Member of the... more

Popular Library of Emperor Alexander III Memory Society of ardent supporters of Historical Education

Population. According to the census of 2002 in the Leningrad Oblast there were 1669,205 thousand people; according to the estimate made on 1 July 2005 there were 1647,6 thousand people including the town dwellers numbering 1093,9 thousand people... more

Porkhov colony (Immigrant settlement)

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