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Suslov, Vladimir Vasilyevich (1857 - 1921), an architect
Vladimir Vasilyevich Suslov (1857 - 1921), an architect-restorer, artist, art historian, teacher. He became an academician of architecture in 1886. Suslov graduated from the Moscow College of Painting, Sculptor and Architecture in 1878 and the St.... more

Suur- Meriioki", a country estate

Suyda River, the
SUYDA (Suydinka), a river in Gatchina District. Length: 63 km. Catchment area: 475 sq. km. Flow rate: 3.1 cu. m/s. Its source is in a marsh north-west of Tikhkovitsi village. It is a karst river. It flows among fields and meadows, with its banks... more

Sverdlovsk House of Culture

Svetlogorsk children- youth creative centre

Svetogorsk children art school

Svetogorsk children music school

Svetogorsk House of Culture

Svetogorsk Town coat of arms, the
The Svetogorsk Town's coat of arms was approved with the decision of the Representative Assembly of the Municipality “Gorod Svetogorsk” (The Town of Svetogorsk) of 29 May 2001, No. 5-2201. The heraldic description of the coat of arms: “Within the... more

Svetogorsk Town Library, the
THE SVETOGORSK TOWN LIBRARY (31 Pobeda Street, Svetogorsk Town). The library was founded in 1945. Between 1985 and 1996 it was part of Vyborg centralized library network with the status of a branch. Since 1997 the library has been a structural... more

Svetogorsk, town
SVETOGORSK (Enso [Finnish] before1948), a town in Vyborg District; a separate municipal entity in 1995–2005. Population: 15,700. Located in the northern part of the Karelian Isthmus near the Finnish border, on the banks of the Vuoksa River. S. has... more

Svir River, the
SVIR, a river in the north-east of Leningrad Oblast. Length: 224 km. Average flow rate at the mouth: 780 cu. m/s, catchment area: 84,400 sq. km. It flows from Lake Onega at its south-western end, crosses Podporozhye and Lodeynoye Pole Districts, and... more

"Svirskiye Ogni" ("Svir Lights"), MIPK

"Svirskiye ogni" ("The Svir Lights"), a newspaper
"Svirskiye ogni" ("The Svir Lights"; Podporozhye town, 3 Isakov Street), a social and political newspaper of the Podporozhye District. It was founded on September 1, 1931 as the organ of the District Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet... more

Svirstroy, urban settlement
SVIRSTROY, an urban settlement in Lodeynoye Pole District. Population: 1,000. It is situated on the left bank of the Svir River. S. has transport communications to Lodeynoye Pole and Podporozhye via the Svir and a motor road and railroad; 5 km... more

Swedes (their native name is Svenskar) is an ethnic community. The Swedish language is related to the Germanic group of the Indo-European language family. The religious Swedes are Lutherans. At present they live mainly in Sweden (7,75 million... more

"Syabersky", a reserve

Syaglitsy, a country estate

Syas Canals , the
SYAS CANALS. They connect the mouths of the Volkhov and Syas Rivers, and extend along the south-eastern coast of Lake Ladoga, being an extension of the Ladoga Canals. Currently they are in Volkhov District, from Nemyatovo village to Syasstroy town.... more

Syas River, the
SYAS, a river in the south-eastern Priladozhye. Length: 260 km, of which, abt. 190 km within Leningrad Oblast. The average flow rate is 61.6 cu. m/s, and the catchment area, 7330 sq. km. It originates in the north-east of Novgorod Oblast, 6 km... more

Syaskelevo children arts school

Syasky village church of of St. Nicholas (Volkhov District)
Syasky village church of St. Nicholas (the village of Gorka Khvalovskaya/ Khvalovo, Volkhov District, 6 Lenina St). The original wooden church of St Nicholas was built before 1582. In 1627, after the Swedish invasion, the new five small domes... more

Syasstro House of Culture

Syasstro children musical school

Syasstroy children art school

Syasstroy children music school

Syasstroy Town Family Reading Library, the

Syasstroy, town
SYASSTROY, a town in Volkhov District. Population: 13,700. It situated in the lower reach of the Syas River, where the Valgomka flows into it. The etymology of the name is typical for settlements attached to industrial facilities erected in the... more

Symbol of the Leningrad Oblast Governor
The Symbol of the Leningrad Oblast Governor is the official breast sign. It is the main symbol of the post and status of the Leningrad Oblast Governor. The main element of the symbol is a medallion of the intricate shape in the form of the Leningrad... more

Synaxis of Saintlies of Saint Petersburg and Ladoga
Synaxis of Saints of St Petersburg and Ladoga. Saints, who performed its exploits in the boundaries of the contemporary territory of the Eparchy of St Petersburg and the historical territory of the Eparchy of St Petersburg, are included into the... more

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