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The Vsevolozhsk Central Library named after Yu.G. Slepukhin
VSEVOLOZHSK TOWN CENTRAL LIBRARY named after Y. G. Slepukhin (Vsevolozhsk Town, 27 Vsevolozhsksky Prospekt). Opened in 1908, with V. I. Serdyuk, priest of the Church of the Holy Trinity, among its founders. After suffering the fire in 1909 was... more

The Vyborg Carhedral
The Vyborg Carhedral (the town of Vyborg, 6 Storozhevaya Bashnya Street ), the cathedral is the oldest building of the centre of Old Vyborg . The wooden cathedral for the Catholic parish was built in the middle of the 14 th c, in 1411 the... more

"The Way of Victory", a museum

"The wreath of the glory of St. Alexander Nevsky", a festival
“VENOK SLAVY ALEKSANDRA NEVSKOGO” (“ALEXANDER NEVSKY’S WREATH OF GLORY”), oblast festival in honour of 750th anniversary of Nevskaya Battle in the mouth of the Izhora River (modern Kolpino Dictrict of St.Petersburg). It was first held on... more

The Writers' Union of the Leningrad Oblast
The Writers' Union of the Leningrad Oblast and St. Petersburg. It is non-commercial partnership for supporting the literary work. The Union was founded by a group of writers living in the Leningrad Oblast and suburbs of St. Petersburg on April 23,... more

"The Youth Are Dancing", festival

"Theatre Autumn", a festival

Theatre of Satire in Vasilyevsky Island
TEATR SATIRY NA VASILIEVSKOM (“SATIRE THEATRE ON VASILIEVSKY ISLAND”) (48, Sredniy av. VO, SPb), founded on the 1st of September 1989. Promoter – the Leningrad Oblast Executive Committee of the Deputy Council. Founder and unchallenged creative... more

THEATRES. For the first time theatres in the suburbs of St.Ptersburg appeared in the end of the XVIII century at the Emperor country palaces (court theatres) and in the country estates of nobility (serf theatres). By 1861 there existed 27 serf... more

Theology Institute of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Ingria named after S.-Y. Laurikaly
Theology Institute of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church (ELC) of Ingria named after S.-Y. Laurikaly (the village of Kolbino, the Vsevolozhsk District). In 1993 the Synod of ElC of Ingria adopted the decision about the foundation of the Deacon... more

Tigoda River, the
TIGODA, river, left-hand tributary of the Volkhov. Length: 143 km, average flow rate: 4.21 cu. m/s, catchment area: 589 sq. km. It originates among the bogs in the extreme south of Tosno District north-east of Ogorelye railway station. In its upper... more

Tikhvin Children Art School named after N.A. Rimsky - Korsakov
TIKHVIN TOWN ARTS SCHOOL NAMED AFTER N.A. RIMSKY-KORSAKOV (2, 1st microdistrict, Tikhvin Town). Children’s musical school was opened in Tikhvin Town in January 1946. In 2001 it acquired a status of arts school. Founder – Administration of... more

Tikhvin Branch of the Novgorod Society of Antiquities Lovers, the
The Tikhvin Branch of the Novgorod Society of Antiquities Lovers (NOLD). It was found according to the initiative of I.P. Mordvinov in 1913 in Tikhvin Town as the branch of NOLD which worked from 1894 to 1904 and from 1908 to 1929. S.A. Tsvylyev... more

Tikhvin Canal System
TIKHVIN CANAL SYSTEM, a traffic artery in the north-west of European Russia. It connected the basins of the Baltic Sea and the Volga in the 19th-20th cc. It began at the city of Rybinsk on the Volga (later at the Rybinsk Reservoir), extended via the... more

Tikhvin Central Children Library, the

Tikhvin Central Town Library, the
THE TIKHVIN CENTRAL TOWN LIBRARY (6, 4th postal area and 11, 3rd postal area, Tikhvin Town). The library was founded in 1927. Since 1977 it was in charge of the district centralized library network, since 2006 it has been the central library of... more

Tikhvin children art school

Tikhvin children music school

Tikhvin Convent of the Presentation in the Temple
The Tikhvin Convent of the Presentation in the Temple (the town of Tikhvin). It was founded on the right bank of the Tikhvinka River, probably like the Dormition Convent, according to the order of Ivan the Terrible in 1560. The wooden walls were... more

Tikhvin Conversation Monastery of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker
The Tikhvin Conversation Monastery of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker (the town of Tikhvin). It is the first monastery within the boundariests of the contemporary town of Tikhvin. It was founded between 1510 and 1515baccording to the order of Great... more

Tikhvin District
TIKHVIN DISTRICT, municipal entity. Population: 14,600. Area: 6997.5 sq. km. Adm. center: Tikhvin Town. The district comprises 198 rural localities united into 8 rural settlements. It is located in the east and south-east of Leningrad Oblast. It... more

Tikhvin District Archive, the

Tikhvin District coat of arms and flag, the
The Tikhvin District's coat of arms and flag are the official approved symbols of the Municipal Union “Tihvinskiy rayon” (The Tikhvin District) (the coat of arms was approved with the decision of the Soviet of Deputies of the Tikhvin District of 18... more

Tikhvin Dormition Convent, the
The Tikhvin Dormition Convent (the town of Tikhvin). The parish wooden church of the Dormition of the Mother of God was built on the Tikhvinka River bank in the memory of the Finding of the miracle-working icon of the Mother of God the Hodigitria... more

Tikhvin Local History Museum of the School No. 1

Tikhvin Museum of Antiquity, the

Tikhvin Town Children Library, the

Tikhvin Town Library named after Ya.I. Berednikov
TIKHVIN TOWN LIBRARY named after Ya.I. Berednikov (50, 5th postal area, Tikhvin Town). The library was opened in 1954 and traces its history to the town public library, founded in 1890, which contained around 8,000 volumes from private collection of... more

Tikhvin, town
TIKHVIN, town, adm. center of Tikhvin District. It is situated on the Tikhvinka River. Population: 63,300. Close to T. is the Novaya Ladoga-Yaroslavl highway. Within the town lines there is Tikhvin railway station on the St. Petersburg-Vologda... more

"Tikhvinets" ("Tikhvin Resident"), a magazine

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