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Drama Theatre at Liteiny Pr.

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DRAMA THEATRE AT LITEINY PR., regional theatre (51 Liteiny Pr., SPb.), until 1990 known as the Theatre of Drama and Comedy. It was opened in 1945 as a youth Teatre-studio under the direction of Wiener A.B. and didn't have it's own building. From 1957, after reconstruction of the building, destroyed during WW II, it is situated at the current address. Being a regional theatre, it gave more than a half of performances outside Leningrad City. The rise of creative activity concurred with appointment of Khamarmer Y.S. to the position of a chief director (1966-86) and invitation to work young and talanted directors such as Schiffers Y.S. ("Maklena Grasa" Kulish M.; "Party Candidate" by Kron A.A., 1965), Padve Y.M. ("Dates in the Suburbs" by Vampilov A.V., 1970; "Merry Road" by Vasilyev B.L., 1971; "A Streetcar Named Desire" by Williams T., 1972; "Eccentrics" by Gorky M., 1973), Dodin L.A. ("Rose Berndt" by Hauptmann H., 1975; "Young Ignoramus" by Fonvizin D.I., 1977), Ginkas K.M. ("The Last" by Gorky M., 1968; "The One Who Looked Like a Lion" by Ibragimbekov M.R., 1974; "Kingdom of Earth" by Williams T., 1978) who worked with the artist Kochergin E.S. In 1986-89 the chief director of the theatre was Golikov V.S. ("Redecoration" by Roshchin M.M., "Farewell, Judas!.." by Iredynsky I., "Solaris" by Lemm S.), in 1990-94 the chief director of the theatre was Trostyanetsky G.R. ("Miser" by Moliere J.B., "King Lear" by Shakespeare W., "Raven" by Gozzi K., "Ghost" by Ibsen G.). In the recent years the theatre, having abolished the position of the chief director, has still relied on the leaders of the modern St.Petersburg stage direction and worked with Dvorkin Y.B., Galibin A.V., Mamin Y.B., Pazi V.B., Klim (Klimenko V.A.), Butusov Y.N., Vasilyev G.L., Tumanov V.A., Kozlov G.M., Smirnov R.V., Dityatkovsky G.I. Festivals of retrospective performances of the best theatre plays directed by Ginkas K.(1991), Efros A.V.(1992), Fomenko P.N.(1994), Fokin V.V.(1996) were held in the theatre. A theatre company "Farsy"("Farce") directed by Kramer V.M. started its activity within the walls of the theatre. Since 2002 a project "Masterskaya v teatre na Liteinom"("Studio in the Theatre at Liteiny Pr."), enabling young directors to put on debut performances, has been carried out. Actors who worked in different years and still work in the theatre company are as follows: Makeyev I.A., Shchuko T.V., Тarasova T.P., Panich Y.A., Kharitonov V.V., Krasko I.I., Merkuryev Y.P., Kvatkovskaya Z.A., Dateshidze K.L., Baitalskaya N.B., Yermolaev V.S., Тkach T.D., Nemzer Y.Y., Kubarev L.A., Furman S.A., Lykov А.А., Zakharov V.G., Razumovsky М.V., Devotchenko А.V., Bargman А.L., Dreiden S.S., Sukhorukov V.I., Kukhareshin V.А., Samoshina О.B., Osokin L.А. Since 1998 Getman A.V. has been a creative director of the theatre. The building of the theatre is a former riding house, belonging to the Sheremetyevs, reconstructed in 1870 (arch. Serebryakov, reconstructed again in 1905). Theatre interior for Liteiny Theatre (since 1912 called theatre "Mozaika"("Mosaic"), since 1913 - Liteiny Intimate Theatre) was made in 1909. In 1918 the theatre became the Artistic Drama Theatre and in 1919 a newly created Theatre-studio. In 1926-28 a mobile theatre headed by Gaideburov P.P. and Skarskaya N. F. worked in this building, in 1928-31 – the Theatre of Working Youth ("TRAM") and in 1931-32 – the First Working People Theatre under the Ministry of Proletarian Culture worked here. From 1932 to the beginning of WW II in the theatre building was placed the Theatre of the Leningrad Regional Trade Union Council ("LOSPS").

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

Baitalskaya, N.B.
Bargman, Aleksandr Lvovich
Butusov, Yuri Nikolayevich
Dateshidze, Kirill Leonidovich
Devotchenko, Aleksey Valeryevich
Dityatkovsky, Grigory Isaakovich
Dodin, Lev Abramovich
Dreiden, Sergey Simonovich
Dvorkin, Y.B.
Efros, Anatoly Vasilyevich
Fokin, Valery Vladimirovich
Fomenko, Pyotr Naumovich
Fonvizin, Denis Ivanovich
Furman, Semyon Aleksandrovich
Galibin, Aleksandr Vladimirovich
Getman, Aleksandr Vladimirovich
Ginkas, Kama Mironovich
Golikov, Vadim Sergeyevich
Gorky, Maxim ( Aleksey Maksimovich Peshkov)
Gozzi, Karlo
Hauptmann, Gerhart
Ibragimbekov, Rustam Mamed Ibragim ogly
Ibsen, Henrik
Iredynsky, I
Khamarmer, Yakov Semyonovich
Kharitonov, Victor V.
Klimenko, Vladimir Alekseyevich
Kochergin, Edward Stepanovich
Kozlov, Grigory Mikhaylovich
Kramer, Victor Moiseyevich
Krasko, Ivan Ivanovich
Kron, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
Kubarev, Lev A.
Kukhareshin, Valery Aleksandrovich
Kulish, Mikola (Nikolay Guriyevich)
Kvatovskaya, Z.A.
Lem, Stanislav
Lykov, Aleksandr Anatolyevich
Makeyev, I.A.
Mamin, Yuri Borisovich
Merkuryev, Yevgeny Petrovich
Moliere, Jean-Baptiste
Nemzer, Yelena Yakovlevna
Osokin, Leonid Aleksandrovich
Padve, Yefim Mikhailovich
Panich, Yulian Aleksandrovich
Pazi, Vladislav Borisovich
Razumovsky, Mikhail Vitalyevich
Roshchin, Mikhail Mikhailovich
Samoshina, Olga Borisovna
Schiffers, Yevgeny Lvovich
Shakespeare, William
Shchuko, Tatyana Vladimirovna
Smirnov, Roman Vladimirovich
Sukhorukov, Victor Ivanovich
Tarasova, T.P.
Tkach, Tatyana Dmitriyevna
Trostyanetsky, Gennady Rafailovich
Tumanov, Vladimir Anatolyevich
Vampilov, Aleksandr Valentinovich
Vasilyev, Boris Lvovich
Wiener, Aleksandr Borisovich
William Tenesse (real name was Tomas Lanier)
Yermolayev, Vadim S.
Zakharov, Vladimir Grigoryevich

Saint-Petersburg City/Liteyny Prospekt

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