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"Bereginya" ("Keeper"), people studio

Façade carving
FAÇADE CARVING. With the development of peasant woden architecture, woodcarving also developed. Carving was used for decoration of spouts under the roof. Carving (at first blind carving, in the end of the XIX c. – carving with holes) was also used... more

Kirishi lace v. Zakhozhskoye lace

Oyatskaya ceramics
OYAT POTTERY. Pottery existed in Russian and Veps villages on the Oyat River (modern Lodeynoye Pole District) from time immemorial. It was due to deposits of high quality red clay. Pottery was especially developed in the XVIII c. Oyat potters... more

"People Tradition", decorative art studios

POTTERY. Before XX c. pottery in Russia was connected with household use and therefore it was widely spread. Centres of pottery usually appeared near trade routes and were based on the fields of high quality pottery or fire clay. Masters ... more

"Rukodelnitsa" ("Needlewoman"), studio

"Russian Painting", studio

Traditional business and handicraft
TRADITIONAL TRADES AND HANDICRAFTS originated from household occupations and crafts which were aimed at production of household objects for the peasants' own needs. Originality of traditional trades in Leningrad Oblast is connected... more

Volkhov painting movement
VOLKHOV TOWN PAINTING SCHOOL. Traditions of wood painting are typical for the folklore decorative handicraft developed in the settlements situated in Ladoga Lake area. In St.Petersburg Gubernia the most famous was Volkhov Town Painting School... more

Vyritsa tapestries
VYRITSA URBAN SETTLEMENT TAPESTRIES, tapestry miniatures produced by public corporation "Uzor" ("Pattern") (2, Oredezh st., Vyritsa urb.settl.). "Uzor" ("Pattern") factory was founded in 1944 on the base of sewing cooperative (since1991-public... more

Zakhozhskoye lace
ZAKHOZHSKOYE LACE, bobbin lace, composing a special group of Russian decorative lace. Historically formed name "Zakhonskoye" is connected with locality Zakhonye, which in the end of the XIXc. united several settlements of Gorodishche Volost,... more