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Zhuravsky, Dmitry Ivanovich (1821-1891), architect

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Dmitry Ivanovich Zhuravsky (1821–1891), an engineer, Privy Councillor (1876), a winner of the Demidov Prise (1855). In 1842 he graduated from the Institute of the Railway Engineers Academy. During 1842-50 he took part in pioneering, designing and constructing of the railway from Saint Petersburg to Moscow (see: the October Railway, from 1851to 1857 he constructed the railway from St Petersburg to Warsaw and southern railways. In 1857-58 Zhuravsky jointly with engineers A.S. Rekhnevsky and P.P. Melnikov made the replacement of St Peter and Paul Cathedral wooden spire with the iron one. During 1871-76 Zhuravsky took part in reconstruction of the Mariyinskaya Water System and Ladoga Canals.During the 1877-84th he was a Director of the Railway Department of the Ministry of Transport. In 1883-89 he was a member of the Ministry Council. Zhuravsky's general works in structural mechanics: he developed the theory of using wooden girders with iron tension bars and used it for designing bridges over rivers the Verebya, the Volga, the Volkhov and others. Dmitry Ivanovich Zhuravsky was a member of the Russian Technology Society (from 1866, from 1876 he was an honorary member of the Society; during the 1866-76th he was the Head of the Society construction department). Dmitry Ivanovich Zhuravsky was buried on the Mitrofan'yevskoye Cemetry in St Petersburg (his grave was not remained).

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Melnikov, Pavel Petrovich
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Zhuravsky, Dmitry Ivanovich

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Ракчеев Е. Н. Дмитрий Иванович Журавский. М., 1984

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