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Izhora River, the

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IZHORA, river, left - hand tributary of the Neva River. Total length: 76 km. Basin area: abt. 1,000 sq. km. The river springs from Skvoritsy Village, Gatchina District. It flows across Gatchina and Tosno Districts of the Leningrad Oblast and Kolpino District of SPb. In the Oblast, Kommunar Town, Pudost Settlement, Telmana Settlement, and Yam-Izhora village are located on the Izhora . It has abt. 200 tributaries, nine of which over 10 km long. The ethnonym ižora (Izhorians, Ingrians) originates from the river’s name. In 1240, the battle of the Neva took place at the Izhora estuary, where Prince Alexander Nevsky defeated the Swedes. In the 13th and 15th centuries, the lands in the Izhora basin were part of Izhorsky Pogost, Vodskaya Pyatina of Veliky Novgorod. In the late 15th century, 62 settlements and “trading rows at storehouses” were located on the Izhora. In the early 17th century, the lands around the Izhora were seized by Sweden but regained by Russia during the Northern War. At the crossing of the Izhora and Moscow Post Road (currently Moscow-SPb highway) a post office, or “yam”, existed from the early 18th century (hence the name of Yam-Izhora village.) The portion of the Izhora from Antropshino Station to Kolpino is accessible for canoeing.

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