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Yaroshenko, Nikolay Aleksandrovich (1846-1898), an artist

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YAROSHENKO, Nikolay Aleksandrovich (1846–1898), an artist. Since the middle of 1850s he lived in St.Petersburg. He graduated from the Fist Military School (1863), Mikhailovsky Artillery College (1865), Mikhailovsky Artillery Academy (1870). Yaroshenko served in Arsenal, in 1892 he was resigned in the rank of major general. He was a student of Kramskoy I.N. and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts (1867-74, as an auditor student). In 1876 he joined the Society for Circulating Art Exhibitions and since 1880s he was one of its ideology leaders. Yaroshenko was the author of genre-paintings and character portraits in which he depicted democratic ideals of his time: "Kochegar" ("A Stoker") (1878), "Student" ("A Student") (1881), "Vsyudy Zhizn" ("Life is Everywhere") (1888, all the paintings are in the State Tretyakov Gallery); "Staroye I Molodoye" ("Old and Young") (1881; the State Russian Museum). Yaroshenko painted portraits of his outstanding contemporaries: "I.N.Kramskoy" (1876), "N.N.Ghe" (1890), "L.N.Tolstoy" (1894; all the paintings are in the State Russian Museum), "Aktrisa P.A.Strepetova" ("An Actress Strepetova P.A.") (1884; the State Tretyakov Gallery), etc. In the summer 1874 Yaroshenko spent a month in I.N.Kramskoy's country house near Siversky Station. Here Kramskoy painted a watercolor portrait of Yaroshenko.

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

Ge, Nikolay Nikolayevich
Kramskoi, Ivan Nikolayevich
Strepetova, Pelageya (Polina) Antopyevna
Tolstoy, Leo (Lev) Nikolayevich, Count
Yaroshenko, Nikolay Aleksandrovich

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