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Priozersk District coat of arms and flag, the

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The Priozersk District's coat of arms and flag are the official approved symbols of the Municipal Union “Priozerskiy municipalniy rayon” (The Priozersk District) (the coat of arms was approved with the decision of the Soviet of People's Deputies of the Priozersk District of 12 August 1998, No.12 and with the decision of the Representative Assembly of the Municipal Union “Priozerskiy rayon” (The Priozersk District) of 18 December 1997, No. 54; the flag was approved with the decision of the Representative Assembly of the Municipal Union of 23 June 2005, No. 238). The heraldic description of the coat of arms: ”The shield is crossed: within a dark red field there are two arms in silver armours with silver swords, arms are placed opposite each other, within the azure field there is a silver crane turned left, the crane is kept a golden stone in its foot. ” This coat of arms of the town of Keksholm was approved by Emperor on 4 October 1788. The basis of this coat of arms is the Swedish coat of arms of the South Karelia. The flag is a rectangle sheet in the ratio of width to length 2:3. It consists of two equal horizontal stripes. The upper stripe is red and the lower is dark blue. Within the red stripe there are two white arms directed opposite each other in silver armour with unsheathed swords. In the center of the dark blue stripe there is a standing silver crane with a yellow ball in the foot. The coat of arms was registered in the State Heraldic Register of the Russian Federation under the No. 223, and the flag was registered under the No. 1966.

Tripolskaya, Anna Aleksandrovna

Leningrad Oblast, the/Priozersk District

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