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THE VYBORG CENTRAL DISTRICT LIBRARY (Vyborg Town, 4 Pionerskaya Street). Founded in 1940. First the library functioned only as a methodological centre, then in 1945 it started to work with readers. In 1979 it merged in the inter-regional centralized library network, created on the base of Leningrad Oblast Universal Scientific Library. In 1985 it was put in charge of the district centralized library network, since 1997 it has been in charge of Library-and-information centre for “Vyborgsky rayon” municipal union (now Vyborg Town municipal district). Its general-purpose fund contains over 70,000 storage units. The library has 10,000 members (45,000 visits a year) with over 100,000 borrowings annually. The library was the first in the Leningrad Oblast to start developing and using electronic indexes, and one of the first in Russia to have the section for information on legal issues and local government. It participates in a range of projects and initiatives, including international ones. In particular, now such programmes are worked as “Pridanie bibliotekam Vyborgskogo rayona statusa informatsionnykh tsentrov mestnogo soobschestva” (Giving the Vyborg District libraries the status of information centres for local communities), “Obuchenie i dostup k Internet” (Training to use and providing access to the Internet) (project developed by instrumentation of non-profit making organization Project Harmony Inc on the initiative of the US State Department), corporate project “Virtual’naya spravochnaya sluzhba munitsipal’nykh bibliotek” (Electronic directory service for municipal libraries) (since 2003), as well as a range of international regional studies programmes.

Blyudova, Lyudmila Konstantinovna

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