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Gatchina Central Town Library named after A.I. Kuprin

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GATCHINA CENTRAL TOWN LIBRARY NAMED AFTER A.I. KUPRIN (Gatchnina Town, 17 Volodarsky Street). Since 1899 in Gatchina Town operated a public library at the Town Committee on Care for Public Sobriety. In 1919 it received the collection of Gatchina Town bibliophile A. V. Lazarevsky. During the Great Patriotic War the library fund was lost. The library was restored in 1944 and named after A. I. Kuprin. At present the library fund numbers about 130,000 storage units of general-purpose character, including two specialized funds containing books on art and books in foreign languages (about 15,000 books in 24 languages). The library has over 12,000 members who borrow at least 240,000 items annually. The fund of rare books dating back to 18th to early 20th century has special interest, as well as books with signatures and dedications of prominent cultural workers, books with owner notes, bookplates, and a collection of miniature book editions. Since 1996 the library has got the key position in centralized town library network. Since 1999 it hosts the evenings of Creative Meeting Club “Literaturnaya subbota” (The Literary Saturday), founded on the members’ initiative; the library also runs meetings of a literary association and since 2000 – science fiction fan club “Zolotoy grifon” (The Golden Griffin). The library has a lot of regional studies developments in progress, with 18 editions already published, including source books, library indexes, brochures and collections of documents. Since 1973 the library is located at its present address in a purpose-built block (designed according to the library building in Novosibirsk city research centre). In 1990 a monument to A. I. Kuprin designed by V. V. Shevchenko was set up in front of the library building.

Blyudova, Lyudmila Konstantinovna

Kuprin, Aleksandr Ivanovich
Lazarevsky, Anatoly Vasilyevich
Shevchenko, Valery Vladimirovich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Gatchina District/Gatchina Town/Volodarsky Street

Библиотеки. Люди и книги: Очерки по истории библиотек и книжных со-браний Гатчины / ЦГБ им. А.И. Куприна; Сост. Н.В. Юронен Гатчина, 1997
Гатчинский хронограф Календарь знаменательных и памятных дат /Гатч. ЦГБ им. А.И.Куприна; Авт.-сост.: Т.М.Богуш, Н.Н.Семенихина, Н.В.Юронен.- Гатчина: ПИЯФ РАН, 2000.- 112 с., С.9,21, 44, 52, 57
ЦГБ им. А. И. Куприна - Главная страница. URL:, С.9,21, 44, 52, 57

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