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THE KIROVSK CENTRAL INTER-SETTLEMENT LIBRARY ( 1 Building 5 Naberezhnaya Street, Kirovsk Town). The history of the library goes back to the 1920s, when Nevdubstroy village library was founded. First it was located in a barrack, then in the village community centre. During the Great Patriotic War the village was destroyed together with the library, which was reopened in 1946. In 1977 the library received the status of a central library, integrating 16 district libraries in a centralized library network. In 2006 it was reorganized as inter-settlement library with branches located within the municipal district. Its general-purpose fund numbers over 61,000 items, with 3,500 readers. The library engages in collecting the memories of the Great Patriotic War veterans and participants and information about the wartime events, as well as in cooperation with searching parties, and puts a special accent on patriotic education of the young generation. In 2005 the library took one of the top places in the contest “I pust’ pokoleniya znayut” (Let All the Generations Know), organized in the Leningrad Oblast and devoted to the 60th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Blyudova, Lyudmila Konstantinovna

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