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THE SLANTSI CENTRAL TOWN LIBRARY (19 Lenin Street, Slantsi Town). The library was opened in 1944. In 1973 it was put in charge of the district library network. In 2006 it was reorganized in a town library. The library’s general-purpose fund numbers around 90,000 items. Of special value is its regional studies fund, including xerocopies of a range of unique publications (including some 19th-century editions), photographs, cartographical and audio-visual materials, graphic works and works of literature by local authors. The library has 9,000 readers, with over 200,000 loans and 60,000 visits annually. Since the 1990s local history has been the principal trend in the work of the library. It holds annual readings in the area of local history, district as well as inter-regional ones, the latter in cooperation with museums and libraries of the Pskov Oblast. The library runs Youth information service, the town literary association, literary-and-arts salon and “Khozyayushka” (The Little Housekeeper) club.

Blyudova, Lyudmila Konstantinovna

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