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Skreblovo, a country estate

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Screblovo, a country estate (the settlement of Skreblovo, the Luga district). It was located on the shore of Lake Vrevo. The late classicism style wooden manor-house was built by the estate owner N.F. Kakurin (an architect is unknown) in the 1820-30s. After the owner's death in 1844 the estate was owned by the Councillor of State A.Ye. Solodovnikov and his sister A.Ye. Milyukova. Since 1859 the estate was owned by A.D. Karamyshev, under him the spacious landscape park was planned, it was faced to the lake. In the early 20th century Skreblovo belonged to P.S. Andreyev, the first husband of Princess Salomeya Andronikova which was known in the art world. In 1915 P.S. Andreyev bought the neighbouring estate of Altufyev Bereg which was connected with Skreblovo with a larch alley. Nearby the estate he built a school for peasant children. The manor-house, where the sovkhoz "Skreblovo" board of administration was placed, burned in 2002. The park is neglected.

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

Andreyev, Pavel Semyonovich
Andronikova (Andreyeva, Galpern), Salome Nikolayevna, Princess
Kakurin, Nikolay Fyodorovich
Karamyshev, Arseny Dmitriyevich
Milyukova, Anna Yemelyanovna
Solodovnikov, Aleksandr Yemelyanovich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Luga District/Skreblovo Settlement
Topographical landmarks/Vrevo Lake

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