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"Katyusha", the Theatre of Costume

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“KATIUSHA”, costume theatre (1, Revolutsionny alley, Gatchina Town). It was founded in 1991, organizer and unchallenged leader of the theatre is L.M. Ivanova. The aim of the company is to revive and develop traditions of Russian culture in amateur creative activities, to improve aesthetic education of young people (mostly girls). The theatre engages in its activities professional designers, choreographers, teachers of plastique and catwalk step, stylists and make-up artists, hairdressers; collections of costumes for the theatre (“Progulka po Gatchine” (“Walk Around Gatchina Town”), “Kuma-dushechka” (“Dear Friend”))are made by professional fashion designers. The theatre stages costume plays- miniatures: “Krasavitsa Rus’” (“Beautiful Russia”), “Vetka Sireny” (“Lilac Branch”), “Karnaval v Venetsiy” (“Carnival in Venice”), etc. Several collections are dedicated to historical events and outstanding people, to the history of Gatchina Town. The theatre is a regular participant of the Leningrad Oblast contests and festivals of fashion theatres. Many times the theatre performed in St.Petersburg, toured in Moscow, Yaroslavl City, Ivanovo City, Sochi, Vladimir City as well as in the cities of Finland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Germany, Lithuania. The theatre is a prize-winner of the All-Russia contest “Tekstilny Salon” (“Textile Salon”), of the All-Russia contest “Russkiy Kostum na Rubezhe Epokh” (“Russian Costume at the Turn of the Ages”) (2004, Yaroslavl City), of the international contest “Russky Siluet” (“Russian Silhouette”) (2002, Moscow).

Fedulova, Angelina Borisovna

Ivanova, Lyudmila Mikhaylovna

Neighbouring Territories/Finland
Leningrad Oblast, the/Gatchina District/Gatchina Town/Revolyutsionny Lane

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