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Maly Drama Theatre - Theatre of Europe

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MALY DRAMATICHESKIY TEATR – TEATR YEVROPY (МDТ) (“MALY DRAMA THEATRE – THE THEATRE OF EUROPE ”)(18, Rubinshtein st., SPb). It was founded in 1944 in besieged Leningrad as an oblast mobile theatre, since 1956 the theatre is permanent and it is located in the present building. From 1992 the theatre is a member of the European Theatres’ Union, in 1993 it acquired an academic status and in 1998 – a status of a European theatre, in 2003 it became a Federal theatre. MDT creativity regeneration in the beginning of 1970s is connected with the performances made by young directors G.N. Yanovskaya, Y.B. Dvorkin and mainly Y.M. Padve (chief director in 1973-83) who united the staff, arranged the repertoire and cooperated with artists E.S. Kochergin, M.F. Kitayev, etc. The best performances staged by Padve in MDT are: “Intsident” (“Incident”) by N.E. Baer, “Look Back in Anger” by D. Osborn, “Gospoda Ofitsery” (“Officers”) based on “Poedinok” (“Duel”) by A.I. Kuprin, “Zakon Vechnosty” (“Eternity Law”)based on N.V. Dumbadze’s work , “Fiesta” based on E. Hemingway’s work, “Stranitsa iz Dnevnika Pechorina” (“A Page from Pechorin’s Diary”) based on M.Y. Lermontov’s “Knyazhna Mary” (“Princess Mary”), “Dvadtsat’ Minut s Angelom” (“Twenty Minutes with an Angel”) by A.V. Vampilov. Padve invited to the theatre talented directors: V.S Golikov, V.B. Pazi, V.M. Filshtinsky and also L.A. Dodin (chief director since 1983) who in 1970s staged in MDT “Razboiynik” (“Robber”) by K. Chapek, “The Rose Tattoo” by Т. Williams, “Zhivy I Pomny” (“Live and Remember”) based on V.G. Rasputin’s work, “Naznacheniye” (“Assignment”) by A.M. Volodin, two performances based on F.A. Abramov’s works: “Dom” (“House”) (1980), “Brat’ya I Sestry” (“Brothers and Sisters”) (USSR State Prize, 1986). The theatre staff has constantly grown in number due to Dodin’s students – the St. Petersburg Theatre Art Academy graduates. Dodin supports directors’ stage interpretation of literature, in the repertoire of the theatre he combines Russian and foreign prose and drama as well as modern and classical ones. Among the most well known Dodin’s performances in MDT one can name – based on W.Golding’s work “The Lord of the Flies”, “Zvezdy na Utrennem Nebe” (“Stars in the Morning Sky”) by A.M. Galin, “Starik” (“Old Man”) based on Y.V. Trifonov’s work, “Besy” (“The Demons”) based on F.M. Dostoevsky’s work, “Gaudeamus” based on S.Y. Kaledin’s work (Russia State Prize, 1993), “Klaustrofobia” (“Claustrophobia”) based on the works written by V.V. Yerofeev, V.G. Sorokin, L.Y. Ulitskaya, M.S. Kharitonov, A.P. Chekhov’s works – “Vishnevy Sad” (“The Cherry Orchard”), “P’esa bez Nazvaniya” (“Play With No name”), “Chaika”(“Seagull”), “Chevengur” based on A.P.Platonov’s work, “Moskovskiy Khor” (“Moscow Choir”) by L.S. Petrushevskaya. In 1997 the MDT Branch was opened in Kirishi Town; in 1999 a Chamber stage, which became a creative workshop for young actors and directors and an organizing centre of the annual directors’ debuts festival, was opened in the theatre. The theatre gives performances staged by directors V.M. Fil’shtinsky, V.A. Tumanov, I.G. Konyayev, D. Donellan, I.V. Nikolayev, Y.M. Kordonsky, S.K. Kargin, G.I. Dityatkovsky. Many performances won the first theatre prizes in St.Petersburg, Russia and Europe. MDT tours round the world, takes part in a lot of international festivals. Actors and actresses who worked in different periods of time or still work in MDT are as follows: N.G. Lavrov, I.N. Demich, M.I. Samochko, V.P. Bykova, S.S. Bekhterev, ТT.B. Shestakova, N.V. Akimova, N.A. Fomenko, I.Y. Ivanov, I.B. Sklyar, S.A. Vlasov, P.M. Semak, T.D. Rasskazova, S.V. Kozyrev, A.V. Zavyalov, V.L. Zakhariev, S.V. Kuryushev, I.S. Chernevich, I.V. Tychinina. Teachers, who permanently work in the theatre, such as M.I Aleksandrov, Y.K. Vasil’kov, V.N. Galendeev, Y.M. Davydov, take part in performance staging. L. A. Dodin, People’s Artist of Russia , USSR and Russia State Prizes prize-winner, professor, has worked as a producer and a creative director of the theatre since 2002.

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

Abramov, Fyodor Aleksandrovich
Akimova, Natalya Valentinovna
Aleksandrov, M.I.
Aleksandrov, M.I.
Baer, N.-E
Bekhterev, Segey Stanislavovich
Bykova, Vera
Capek, Karel
Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich
Chrnevich, Igor S.
Demich, Irina Nikolayevna
Dityatkovsky, Grigory Isaakovich
Dodin, Lev Abramovich
Donnelan, Declan
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor Mikhaylovich
Dunbadze, Nodar Vladimirovich
Dvorkin, Y.B.
Filshtinsky, Veniamin Mikhailovich
Fomenko, Natalya Aleksandrovna
Galendeyev, Valery Nikolayevich
Galin, A.M.
Golding, William
Golikov, Vadim Sergeyevich
Hemingway, Ernest
Ivanov, Igor Yuryevich
Kaledin, Sergey Yevgenyevich
Kargin, Sergey Konstantinovich
Kharitonov, M.S.
Kitayev, Mart Frolovich
Kochergin, Edward Stepanovich
Konyayev, Igor Grigoryevich
Kordovsky, Yuri M.
Kozyrev, Sergey Valentinovich
Kuprin, Aleksandr Ivanovich
Kuryshev, Sergey Vladimirovich
Lavrov, Nikolay Grigoryevich
Lermontov, Mikhail Yuryevich
Nikolayev, Ivan Valentinovich
Osborn, John
Padve, Yefim Mikhailovich
Pazi, Vladislav Borisovich
Petrushevskaya, Lyudmila Stefanovna
Platonov, Andrey Platonovich
Rasputin, Valentin Grigoryevich
Rasskazova, Tatyana Dmitriyevna
Samochko, Mikhail I.
Semak, Pyotr Mikhailovich
Shestakova, Tatyana Borisovna
Sklyar, Igor Borisovich
Sorokin, V.G.
Trifinov, Yury Valentinovich
Tumanov, Vladimir Anatolyevich
Tychinina, Irina V.
Ulitskaya, Lyudmila Yevgenyevna
Vampilov, Aleksandr Valentinovich
Vasilkov, Yuri X.
Vavydov, E.M.
Vlasov, Sergey Afanasyevich
Volodin, Aleksandr Moiseyevich
William Tenesse (real name was Tomas Lanier)
Yanovskaya, Henrietta Naumovna
Yerofeyev, Venedikt Vasilyevich
Zakharyev, Vladimir L.
Zavyalov, Aleksandr V.

Leningrad Oblast, the/Kirishi District/Kirishi Town
Saint-Petersburg City/Rubinshtein Street

Ленинградский Малый драматический театр. Л., 1965
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