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Union of the Concert Figures, the Leningrad Oblast branch

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“SOYUZ KONTSERTNYKH DEYATELEY”(“CONCERT PERFORMERS’ UNION”), the Leningrad Oblast Department (LOO SKD) of Russia Concert Performers’ Union (founded in 1991, chairman – Y.K. Temirkanov). LOO SKD was founded in 1998, a chairman is A. Sukhotsky. The aim of the department is to assist the development of concert activities in the Leningrad Oblast and to improve the work conditions of the Union members. In 2006 the members of the department numbered 98 professional musicians living in the towns and villages of the Leningrad Oblast. The members of the Leningrad Oblast Union Department give 120 - 170 concerts annually. In the period 2001-2004 they organized season-ticket concerts for the music school students in Maly Concert Hall named after M.I. Glinka (St.Petersburg). Since 1997 international contest of pianists, piano duets and chamber orchestra, named after Maria Yudina, has been held with the great assistance of LOO SKD. In 2006 more than 200 young musicians from Russia, Baltic countries and far abroad took part in the contest.

Panfilova, Maria Petrovna

Sukhotsky, A.
Temirkanov, Yuri Khatuyevich