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TV. Television broadcast began to expand their services into the territory of modern Leningrad oblast with the establishment of high-powered transmitting devices of the Leningrad TV centre which was founded at the end of the 1930s. Television operations continued to expand and by 1960 oblastwide television network had been installed. Apart from Leningrad channel, there was also broadcasting of national television's programmes. Until the beginning of the 1990-s the department of television broadcasting of Leningrad oblast didn't exist, there were some editorial staff of teleprogrammes in some districts under supervision of the Leningrad Committee of Lenoblgorispolkoms' television and radio broadcasting.Leningrad Oblast TV company (LOT)) was founded in 1994 . At present over twenty local(district and town) municipal or private editorial offices are registered that broadcast television programmes using national television networks or cable television networks : «Veles» (Volosovo Town), «TV-Volkhov », «Teletsvet» (Vsevolozhsk Town), «Vyborgг-TV», «STS-Vyborgг», «ARiT» и «Oreol-TV» (Gatchina Town), «Ladoga-TV» (Kirovsk Town), «Kirishi's Studio of Cable TV», «Telesvir» (Lodeynoye Pole Town), «KTV-Luga», «Slantsi TV», «Tera-Studio» (Sosnovii Bor Town), «Syas-TV» (Syasstroy Town), «Tikhvin TV», «Televest» (Tikhvin Town), «Teleradio of Tosno» etc. Local telebroadcasting is mainly social and political and cover economic,social and cultural life of the Leningrad Oblast.

Ansberg, Olga Nikolayevna

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