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"Novaya Vyborgskaya Gazeta" ("The New Vyborg Newspaper"), a newspaper

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"Novaya Vyborgskaya Gazeta" ("The New Vyborg Newspaper"), (house 35, Krepostnaya Street, Vyborg Town). The newspaper was founded by the municipal TV company "Magnit" (Magnet) in February 1999, after stopping the broadcasting of the TV company in the Leningrad Oblast. The newspaper is published once a week, its circulation ten thousand copies. "Magnit" company's TV reporters became members of the newspaper editorial staff. On present days the newspaper was included in the media-group "Our City" which is engaged in TV broadcasting, advertising and publishing the illustrated colour weekly "Our City". The information about all sides of Vyborg Town Life, light reading and advertising are published.

Ansberg, Olga Nikolayevna

Leningrad Oblast, the/Vyborg District/Vyborg Town/Krepostnaya Street

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"Magnit" ("Magnet"), TV company
"Nash gorod" ("Our Town"), a weekly

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