Articles / Buldakov, Gennady Nikanorovich (1924-1990), an architect

Buldakov, Gennady Nikanorovich (1924-1990), an architect

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Gennady Nikanorovich Buldakov (1924-1990), an architect. G.N. Buldakov was a veteran of World War II. After the war finishing he learned at the Leningrad Engineering-Building Institute where he taught then during 1968-1979. From 1963 Buldakov managed the workshop No. 1 of the Institute Lenproekt; from 1971 he was the Head of the Central Architectural Planning Board and the Chief Architect of Leningrad City (till 1987). G.N. Buldakov was a People's architect of the USSR (1984), a full member of the Academy of Arts of the USSR (1988), the chairman of the Leningrad Department of the Union of Architects of the USSR. He was an author of the Leningrad development General Layout for 1963 1990 and the Leningrad and Leningrad Oblast development General Layout till 2005. Buldakov designed the suburb zone layout (in particular he directed the Sestroretsk and Zelenogorsk layouts development. In 1965 he directed the development of the Green Belt of Glory general layout. G.N. Buldakov was buried in the "Literary Men Mostki" of Volkovskoye cemetery.

Piryutko, Yuri Minayevich

Buldakov, Gennady Nikanorovich

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