Articles / Hannibal, Abram (Ibragim) Petrovich (1697 - 1781), an architect, military figure

Hannibal, Abram (Ibragim) Petrovich (1697 - 1781), an architect, military figure

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Abram (Ibragim) Petrovich Hannibal (1697-1781, Suida of the Sofia uezd of At. Petersburg Gubernia), a military engineer. According to one information he was born in Cameroon, according to another data he was born in Eritrea (Ethiopia) and was a son of a ruler. About 1705 Hannibal found himself in Russia. He was a godson of Peter the Great and Peter's personal valet till 1716. Abram (Ibragim) Petrovich Hannibal was sent to study military art to Paris, took part in the war with Spain, was injured. He was staying in France till 1723. When he returned into Russia he took part in building the Kronshtadt Fortress, taught mathematics. In 1726 Hannibal wrote the book about military-engineering art. After the death of Peter I Hannibal was in disfavour. He was firstly mentioned with the name of Hannibal only in 1727, when he was sent to the town Selenginsk (Siberia) as a major of the Tobolsk garrison. It was happened as a result of A.D. Menshikov's intrigues. From 1731 Hannibal lived and worked in Estonia. From 1742 till 1752 he was the chief-commandant of Revel city. In 1752 Hannibal was moved into St. Petersburg and worked as a General of the Russia Corps of Military Engineers Staff, later he was the Chief of Channel of Peter the Great in Kronshtadt and the Ladoga Channel. He was General - Anshef (1759), the Chief Military Engineer of Russia (from 1759). From 1762 Hannibal retired. In 1759 Hannibal bought lands in the St. Petersburg Gubernia: villages of Taitsi, Suida, Kobrino. Last years of his life Hannibal lived in the Suida grange, he was buried there (the grave was not intacted; the memory sign was stood on the place of the old Suida cenetery in 1971). Abram Petrovich Hannibal was the great-grandfather of A.S. Pushkin who immortalized Hannibal\s image in the story "Arap Petra Velikogo" (The Negro of Peter the Great).

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Hannibal, Abraham (Ibrahim) Petrovich
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Pushkin, Aleksandr Sergeyevich

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