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Plotnikov, Mikhail Mikhaylovich (1901 - 1992), an architect

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Mikhail Mikhaylovich Plotnikov (1901 - 1992), an architect - restorer, the State Prize winner (1972). M.M. Plotnikov graduated from the I.Ye. Perin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in 1943. He participated in post- war restoration of architecture sights of Leningrad and suburbs. Among Plotnikov's works there are: the interiors of the Yelagin Palace (1950-1961) and the Church of SS Simeon and Anna (the 1980s); the Chinese Palace (1948-1949), the palace of Peter III and Petersdadt (1959-1953, 1961), the Coasting Hill Pavillion (1951-1959), the Concert Hall (1965-1966) in Lomonisov Town, Novoznamenskaya dacha in Sosnovaya Polyana (1957-1960), the estate :Aleksandrino" (1963-1964), the palace-ans-park ensemble "Znamenka" (1969-1976) and others. M.M. Plotnikov designed the Gatchina Palace restoration project and from 1961 he led restoration works (see the article: Gatchina Palace-andppark ensemble).

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

Plotnikov, Mikhail Mikhaylovich

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