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Saarinen, Eliel (1873- 1950), an architect

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Gottlieb Eliel Saarinen (1873- 1950), an architect. Saarinen graduated from the Polytechnic Institute in Helsinki in 1897. He studied painting at the University School of Arts, designed furniture and items of the applied art. During 1896-1904 Saarinen worked at the office "Gezellius - Lindgren - Saarinen". Eliel Saarinen designed the Railway Station in Vyborg Town (1913, jointly with G. Gezellius), did the general layout of "Big Helsinki" (1915-1918). From 1923 Saarinen moved to the USA. He made city construction projects for Chicago, Detroit, worked in Kranbruk (the Usa). Saarinen constructed the building of the Insurance Society (1899-1901), the National Museum (1901-1910) in Helsinki. In Paris he built the Pavillion of Finland on the All-World Exhibition (1898-1900). Gottlieb Eliel Saarinen was an honorary Doctor of the universities in Helsinki, Michigan, Harvard, an honorary member of the St.Petersburg Academy of Arts (1906). He was awarded with several orders. Gottlieb Eliel Saarinen died in Cranbrook. In 1903 in the outskirts of Vyborg Town (near the village of Kharitonovo) Saarinen jointly with G. Gezellius and A. Lindgren built the villa Soor-Meriioki for M. Neisheller. The villa was an example of the Finnish modernist style (villa was not intacted). Among Saarinen's works in the Northern Ladoga Lake district Dr G. Vinter's country house (1909) on the Ladoga Lake Coast is exceptional.

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