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Synaxis of Saintlies of Saint Petersburg and Ladoga

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Synaxis of Saints of St Petersburg and Ladoga. Saints, who performed its exploits in the boundaries of the contemporary territory of the Eparchy of St Petersburg and the historical territory of the Eparchy of St Petersburg, are included into the Synaxis. The holy relics of some Saints, who were glorified before the 20th century, are worshipped in the Eparchy: St Alexander Nevsky (died in 1263), Venerable Antony Dymsky (1224), Venerable Arseny Konevsky (1447), Venerable Alexander Svirsky (1533) and his parents Venerable Sergy and Venerable Barbara (16th c), Venerable Trifon Gorodetsky (1593), Venerable Kiprian Storozhensky (after 1598), Venerable Kornily Padansky (16th c), Venerable Martiry Zelenetsky (1603) and Venerable Makary Rimlyanin (16c). The canonization process was difficult due to the government antireligious policy and it was re-started in the late 1980s. From this time St Xenia the Blessed of St Petersburg (1988), St Ioann of Kronstadt (1990) and more than 70 New Martyrs of Russia of the 20th century, who acted in the boundaries of the Eparchy of St Petersburg, were canonized. Among canonized persons were: St Patriarch Tikhon (1990), Priest- Martyr Metropolitan of Petrograd Veniamin and Priest-Martyr Archimandrite Sergy(Shein), Martyr Yury Novitsky, Martyr Ioann Kovsharov (1992) executed with him in 1922, Venerable Martyr Great Princess Elizaveta Fyodorovna (1992), Priest-Martyr Metropolitan of Kiev Vladimir (1992), First Martyr of Tsarskoye Selo Archpriest Ioann Kochurov (1994), Priest-Martyr Metropolitan of Leningrad Serafim (1997), Priest -Martyr Archbishop of Vereysky Ilarion (1999). At the Jubilee Assembly of Hierarchs in 2000 Venerable Serafim of Vyritsa and New Martyrs included into the Synaxis were glorified: St Regal Martyrs, Metropolitan of Kazan Kirill, Archbishop of Perm Andronik, Archbishop of Kherson Prokopy, Archbishop of Veliky Ustyug Nikolay, Bishop of Revel Platon, Bishop of Vyatka Viktor, Bishop of Lubensk Arkady, Bishop of Ufa Simon, Bishop of Belgorod Nikodim, Bishop of Priluksky Vasily, Archpriest Vladimir Lozina-Lozinsky, Archpriest Alexander Sakharov, Archpriest Ioann Steblin -Kamensky, Archpriest Filosof Ornatsky with Martyr Nikolay and Martyr Boris, his sons, Priest Nikolay Kulakov, Priest Pavel Bryantsev, Priest Georgy Nikitin, Priest Pavel Gaiday, Protodeacon Nikita Almazov, Venerable Martyr Gavriil (Vladimirov), Venerable Martyr Arefa (Mitrenin),Venerable Martyr Vladimir (Pischulin) and Martyr Anna Lykoshina. Next persons killed in 1918-1938 were canonized in 2001-20005: Martyr Bishop of Schlüsselburg Grigory, Petersburg Archpriest Pyotr Scipetrov, Petersburg Archpriest Aleksiy Stavrovsky,Petersburg ArchpriestNikolay Speransky, Petersburg Archpriest Boris Kleandrov, Petersburg Archpriest Vyacheslav Silin, Petersburg Archpriest Pyotr Uspensky,Petersburg Archpriest Karp Elb,Petersburg Archpriest Mikhail Cheltsov, Petersburg Archpriest Viktorin Dobronravov, Venerable Martyr Lev (Egorov), Martyr Princess Kira Obolenskaya, Martyr Princess Ekaterina Arskaya; Priest- Martyr of Kronstadt Nikolay Simo, Priest- Martyr of Kronstadt Grigory Pospelov; Priest- Martyr of Tikhvin Ioann Sarv, Priest- Martyr of Tikhvin Nikolay Pokrovsky, Priest- Martyr of Tikhvin Emelian Panasevich, Priest- Martyr of Tikhvin Vasily Kandelyabrov, Martyr Hegumen Arseny and Martyr Hegumenness Ioannikiya; Priest-Martyr of Ivangorod Dimitry Chistoserdov and Priest of Ivangorod Alexander Volkov; Archpriest Nikolay Kuligin from the settlement of Rybatskoye; Archpriest Sergy Florensky from Vezenberg and Priest Ioann Pettay from Valksk. The Day of the Memory devoted to the New Russian Martyrs was established for the celebration on Sunday following the day of the murder of Metropolitan of Kiev Vladimir (25 January, Old Style/ 7 February 1918 New Style). Many New Martyrs were buried in the communal graves in the Levashovo Wasteland (the station of Levashovo), in the Rzhevsky Testing Site (Porokhovyye), in the Arakcheyev Forest (the town of Pushkin), in the cemetery of 9 January Victims in St Petersburg and in the yard of the Kronstadt Prison. The Feast of the Synaxis was established at the meeting of the Holy Synod on 19-20 April 2000.

Shkarovsky, Mikhail Vitalyevich

Aleksandr Svirsky, St.
Alexander Nevsky, Prince
Almazov, Nikita Grigoryevich
Andronik, archbishop (Vladimir Aleksandrovich Nikolsky)
Antony Dymsky, St.
Arefa ( Aleksandr Fyodorovich Mitrenin)
Arkady (Andrey Iosifovich Ostalsky), bishop
Arseny (Aleksandr Dmitriyevich Dmitriyev)
Arseny Konevsky, St.
Arskaya, Yekaterina Andreyevna
Barbara, St.
Bryantsev, Pavel Alekseyevich
Cheltsov, Mikhail Pavlovich, archpriest
Chistoserdov, Dimitry Stepanovich
Dobronravov, Victorin Mikhaylovich
Elb, Karp Karpovich
Elizaveta Fyodorovna, Grand Duchess
Florentsky, Sergy Fyodorovich
Gavriil (Grigory Petrovich Vladimirov)
Gayday, Pavel Ignatovich
Grigory (Aleksandr Alekseyevich Lebedev), bishop
Ilarion (Vladimir Alekseyevich Troitsky), archbishop
Ioann Kochurov, high priest
Ioann of Kronstadt (Ivan Ilyich Sergiyev)
Ioannikiya (Aleksandra Yakovlevna Kozhevnikova)
Kandelyabrov, Vasily Vasilyevich
Kiprian Storozhensky, St.
Kirill (Konstantin Illarionovich Smirnov), metropolitan
Kleandrov, Boris Makarovich
Kornily Pasansky, St.
Kovsharov, Ioann Mikhaylovich, martyr
Kulakov, Nikolay Konstantinovich, priest
Kuligin, Nikolay Petrovich
Lev ( Leonid Mikhaylovich Yegorov)
Lozina-Lozinsky, Vladimir Konstantinovich, archpriest
Lykoshina, Anna Petrovna
Makary the Roman, St.
Martiry Zelenetsky (Mina Stefanovich), St.
Nikitin, Georgy Nikitovich
Nikodim (Aleksandr M. Kononov), bishop
Nikolay (Nikolay Fyodorovich Klementyev), archbishop
Novitsky, Yury Petrovich
Obolenskaya, Kira Ivanovna, Princess
Ornatsky, Boris Filosofovich
Ornatsky, Filosof Nikolayevich, archpriest
Ornatsky, Nikolay Filosofovich
Panasevich, Yemelian Ivanovich
Pettay, Ioann Mikhaylovich
Platon (Pavel Petrovich Kulbish), bishop
Pokrovsky, Nikolay Grigoryevich
Pospelov, Grigory Ivanovich
Prokopy (Pyotr Semyonovich Titov), archbishop
Sakharov, Aleksandr Nikolayevich
Sarv, Ioann Romanovich
Serafim (Chichagov Leonid Mikhailovich), metropolitan
Serafim of Vyritsa (Vasily Nikolayevich Muravyev)
Sergius (Shein), archimandrite
Silin, Vyacheslav Petrovich
Simo, Nikolay Adamovich
Simon (Semyon Ivanovich Shleyev), bishop
Skipetrov, Pyotr Ivanovich
Speransky, Nikolay Nikanorovich
St. Xenia the Blrssed of St.Petersburg (the real name was Ksenia Grigoryevna Petrova)
Stavrovsky, Aleksey Andreyevich
Steblin-Kamensky, Ioann Grigoryevich, archpriest
Tikhon (Vasily Ivanovich Belavin), patriarch
Trifon Gorodetsky, St.
Uspensky, Pyotr Innokentyevich
Vasily (Vasily Ivanovich Zelentsev), bishop
Veniamin (Vasily Pavlovich Kazansky), metropolitan
Victor (Ostrovidov), bishop
Vladimir (Bogoyavlensky), metropolitan
Vladimir (Vladimir Fyodorovich Pishchulin)
Volkov, Aleksandr Pavlinovich

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