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Bortnyansky, Dmitry Stepanovich (1751-1825), a musician

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BORTNYANSKY, Dmitry Stepanovich (1751–1825), composer, choirmaster. In 1758 he was brought to St.Petersburg and entered the Imperial Chapel Choir where he studied singing, acting, composition (his teacher was B. Galuppi). In 1768 he was sent to Italy to continue his education. In 1779 he became a choirmaster of the Imperial Chapel Choir, in 1796 he was appointed a head of vocal music and a Director of the Choir. In 1783 Bortnyansky worked as a music teacher of Princess Maria Fyodorovna, so he joined a “minor court” of Prince Pavel Petrovich, who settled down in Gatchina Town. Bortnyansky put on concerts and opera performances in the palace and in parks. He wrote several pieces of music, specially for festivities held in Gatchina and Pavlovsk Towns. He many times visited different country estates to take part in amateur performances. The greatest achievement of Bortnyansky as a composer is his Spiritual (choral singing) concerts. He is an author of the hymn “Kol Slaven”, dozens of operas, cantatas, love songs and songs. He was a member of Music Club at the Philharmonic Society. Bortnyansky was buried in Smolenskoye Cemetery in St.Petersburg.

Kruzhnov, Yuri Nikolayevich

Bortnyansky, Dmitry Stepanovich
Galuppi, Baldassare
Maria Fyodorovna, Empress
Paul I, Emperor

Leningrad Oblast, the/Gatchina District/Gatchina Town

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